Artist Title (Label) Cover / Record / Co. Released Price CHF
Laura Allan Reflections (Unity) EX / EX U.S.'1980 SOLD
(blonde californian beauty w/celestial voice and a zither accompanied by Paul Horn on flutes makin' for the passage of light...w/ the sound of lyricon 'n bells and some gentle synth-waves straining fro'; she also was featured on David Crosby's first solo-album!)
Ashra New Age Of Earth (Virgin) VG++ / EX D'1977 55.00
(orig. german  print of solo-effort by Manuel Göttsching (ex-Ash Ra Tempel) space-jacked drifty floats on rafts built of keyboards, synthesizer and elctric guitar;)
Between Contemplation (Aural Explorer) EX / EX U.S.'1977 65.00
(orig. U.S. print of impressive New Age sounds feat. Peter Michael Hamel on keyboards, zither and voice, Tom Van Der Geld on vibraphone, Jeffrey Biddeau (from Trinidad) on conga drums, Sankha Chatterjee on tabla drums others play  tanpura, contrabass, oboe,guitar...; "state of sound" spins for 19 minutes and is improvised... all selections have been recorded in one take! ...many influences find onto an exciting sound-map... experimental, classical and medieval music, oriental patterns, latin- american heritage...; among the best releases of this genre I find;)
Scott Cossu Spirals (Music Is Medicine) M- / EX U.S.'1982 42.00
(Classic New Age Jazz piece from the early 80's;drifty 'n dreamy piano dominated lanes and full-ensemble Jazz-brewin' w/plenty of brass;fine production;)
Wind Dance (Winham Hill) EX / EX U.S.'1981 42.00
(Classic New Age Jazz piece from the early 80's; drifty 'n dreamy piano dominated
lanes w/6- & 12-string guitar by Alex de Grassi, tasty Cello colours, percussion; George Winston produced;)
Double Image In Lands I Never Saw (Celestial Harmonies) M / M D'1986 42.00
(80's german issue (the label actually is based in Connecticut, U.S.A.) of ripplin' waves of sound created w/ vibra- & marimbaphone w/percussion by Dave Samuels & David Friedman;)
David Friesen Storyteller (Muse) EX / EX U.S.'1981 42.00
(early 80's Fusion-Jazz venture w/a spiritual (New Age) approach; full-band project feat. John Stowell on guitars, Paul McCandles on oboe & fluegelhorn, Garry Hobbs (dr) and Tom Harrell also on fluegelhorn;)
Stu Goldberg Solos-Duos-Trio (MPS) EX / EX D'1978 42.00
(late 70's german press of athmo-laden eastern-Folk-Jazz w/"New Age" twinkle; feat Larry Coryell & L. Subramaniam on violins, viola, harp & tampura; ...some virtuoso lines bein' drawned here!! Stu Goldberg plays keybaords (cembalo included) & some mini-moog;)
Steven Halpern & Georgia Kelly
Ancient Echoes (Heru) EX / EX U.S.'1978 55.00
(late 70's U.S. release of ripplin' sounds created w/keyboards, flute, voice & harp ... labeled as New Age Sound; back cover says: "the use of music for spiritual attainment and healing of the soul, which was prevalent in ancient times, is not found to the same extent now. Music has been made a pastime, the means of forgetting god instead of realizing god" (Hazrat Inayat Khan)
Claire Hamill Voices (Coda/Landscape-Series) M / M U.K.'1986 52.00
(New Age classic album w/Claires' voice originating various sounds...from floaty tapestries to rhythmic patterns;incl. a booklet that presents some artists released on this british label...writer/photographer Charlie Waite,Tom Newman(member of the 60's Psychedelic band JULY!!) who is the producer of the label, Tim Cross;)
Michael Hedges Aerieal Boundaries (Windham Hill) M- / EX U.S.'1984 42.00
(mid-80's orig. print of most athmospherical solo-acoustic-guitar excursions...ranging among the finest of its kind!! 3 songs have either bass or flute accompaniment;)
Chris Hinze Meditation And Mantras (Keytone) M / M NL'1986 34.00
(mif 80's orig. dutch print of Mantra chanting sounds w/full-band backing incl. Hinze on flute,Jasper Van't Hof on keyboards and synth, plus bass and plenty of eastern percussion;)
Impetus Opening Seed (Bimbo) M- / EX CH'1979 42.00
(late 70's swiss Fusion-Jazz release w/playful, loungy moods, sax leads, violin, piano, e-piano, classical guitar, mouth harp, percussion...; longish trax spreadin' some sort of period New Age zeitgeist-vibes; w/insert,)
Lenny Mac Dowell The Farthest Shore (Biber) M / M D'1986 42.00
(mid-80's german print of airy, drifty sounds recorded w/Beyer Dynamic mics and special pick-ups; various flutes 'n keyboard effects, delays...;)
Tom Newman Aspects (Coda/Landscape-Series) M / M U.K.'1985 52.00
(New Age classic album by Tom Newman(member of the 60's Psychedelic band JULY!!) who is the producer and writer;dreamy sound-scapes w/expressive shifts...electronic & acoustic sources weavin' 'to most poetic song-lines w/a captivating Ambient-like flatter and a symphonic approach to the matter;comes w/a booklet presenting some artists released on this british label...writer/photographer Charlie Waite,Tim Cross,lady-vocalist Claire Hamill!)
Seeds Hymns For A New Age (Whatever) VG++ / EX U.S.'1978 65.00
(late 70's U.S. privat-press out of California;dreamy,floaty Folk-tapestries carried on Fender-Rhodes piano wings,sparse instrumentationincl.flute.vibes,percussion..;fragile/solemn voice that bears a certain message;w/lyrics-insert-sheet;)
Aki Takase Perdido (Enja) M- / M- D'1982 42.00
(german print of solo-piano & chine koto performances by japanese lady;recorded live at the East-West Festival in Nuernberg in 1982;)
Andreas Vollenweider Behind The Gardens - Behind The Walls - Under The Tree (Vera Bra) VG++ / EX CH'1981 28.00
(swiss orig. print of early 80's effort by this renowned swiss harpist & multi-instrumentalist; w/ percussion accompaniments by Pedro Haldemann, John Otis & Walter Keiser; no bass-player here ... the bass you hear is the droning of the bass strings of the harp!)
Caverna Magica (Colomba) VG++ / EX CH'1982 28.00
(swiss orig. print of another early 80's effort by this renowned swiss harpist & multi-instrumentalist; w/ percussion accompaniments by Pedro Haldemann, John Otis & Walter Keiser, voice by Corina Curschellas ...; plenty of eastern influences, environmental sounds ( such as water) and whale voices;)
George Winston Autumn (Windham Hill) EX / EX U.S.'1980 42.00
(orig. U.S. print release of athmo-soothing piano-solos w/ theme on the autumn-season;)
December (Windham Hill) EX / EX U.S.'1982 42.00
(orig. U.S. print/release of athmo-soothing piano-solos w/ theme on the December-season; the recording was made direct to two-track w/no noise reductions... and you can hear this!!)
Winter Into Spring (Windham Hill) EX / EX U.S.'1982 42.00
(orig. U.S. print release of athmo-soothing piano-solos w/ theme on the seasons;)
Paul Winter Callings (Living Music) M- / M- U.S.'1980 75.00
(orig. print of double-set laden w/environmental sounds from the sea...whales, baby seal, sea wolf... and impressions of it set to music w/Chamber orchestra incl saxes, contra-bass, conch shell, oboe, sarrusophone (?) classical and 12-string guitars, bells, whistles, cello, bulgarian kaval, chinese opera gongs, pipe organ, piano, harpsichord...; all recorded at the cathedral of St. John The Divine in New York City in 1980! a solemn, graceful and peaceful athmosphere reigns these 4 vinyl-sides! comes with insert-sheet that has descriptive notes;)