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Artist Title (Label) Cover / Record / Co. Released Price CHF
Dr.Demento The Greatest Novelty Records Of All Time(The 1960's) (Rhino) EX / EX U.S.'1985 SOLD
(this is vol. III of 1960's novelty stuff incl. "the eggplant that ate Chicago" by Dr. West's Medicine Show And Junk Band, Larry Verne, Lonnie Donegan, Tiny Tim, Napoleon XIV; relief cover;)
Reggae Island Same (Island) EX / VG++ D'197 SOLD
(german late 70's release of FINE Reggae sampler: Justin Hines, Bunny Wailer, Dillinger, Third World, Inner Circle, Steel Pulse, Bob Marley ...etc.)
Various Artists 20 Of Another Kind (Polydor) EX / EX 1006'1979 SOLD
(orig. U.K. print of late 70's compilation album documenting the late 70's Euro/ british New Wave scene; Plastic Bertrand, The Jam, The Skids, The Cure, 999, The Adverts, The Stranglers, The Lurkers ...;)
A Pot Of Flowers (Mainstream) EX / EX U.S.'1968 125.00
(late 60's U.S. orig. MONO print of great compilation album packed w/Psychedelic Folk-rockin bands from Texas & California; The Euphoria, The Wildflower, The Other Side (one of their contribution called "streetcar" is a mere marvel in realms of electrically dashin', Frisco-Sound flavoured Folk-Punk!!) The Harbinger Complex; housed in neat "flower-spun"-sleeve; DJ-stamp on back sleeve;...nice Vinyl looks and plays EX to Near Mint; Cover with small spot of stain on front (top right)... has promo stamp on back (near middle) bump and 1cm split in bottom right corner, light bump in spine (1cm) LIGHT storage wear (rubbing); labels with light 'rubbing' on Side A; pics here are from this copy :
A Tribute To Woody Guthrie (Columbia) EX / EX U.S.'1972 SOLD
(orig. early 70's U.S. print of tribute-concerts to one of the most influental americana 20th century's Folk-figures! highlights from concerts held at Carnegie Hall in '68 and The Hollywood Bowl in 1970; Odetta, Dylan, Arlo Guthrie, Richie Havens, Tom Paxton, Pete Seeger and Judy Collins; w/narrations; great FOC & inner-sleeve w/pictures 'n liners;)
American Festival Folk Blues (Festival) EX / EX F'197 SOLD
(great french double-set covering the roots of the U.S. american 20th century music culture ... which gotta be black! ... Jimmy Reed, Lightnin' Hopkins, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, Papa Lightfoot, Curley Weaver, Memphis Minnie ... FOC w/biographies printed in french 'n english;)
American Festival Folk Blues (Musidisc) EX / EX F'196 SOLD
(great french compilation in beauty "railway/boxcar" color sleeve covering the roots of the U.S. american 20th century music culture... which goota be black! ...Jimmy Reed, Lightnin' Hopkins, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee; Folk-Blues classics such as "buck dance boogie" (L.Hopkins), "shake it up and go" (J.L. Hooker), "Help yourself" (J.Reed)
America's Musical Roots (Festival) EX / EX / Co. U.S.'1976 SOLD
(all-black Blues-roots compiled here feat. Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Chuck Berry ("blue feeling") Howlin' Wolf, John Lee Hooker... all prev. released material but a nice gathering on one album w/cool painting for front cover;)
Bang Zoom Vol.2 (Bang Zoom Inc.) EX / EX U.S.'1983 28.00
(compilation cassette-tape feat. The Blasters (w/interviews) Meat Puppets, Romeo Void, Dream Syndicate! there's plenty of verbal ramblings in between the music contained here;)
Bang Zoom Vol.4 (Bang Zoom Inc.) EX / EX U.S.'1983 28.00
(compilation cassette-tape feat. The Bangles, Green On Red, Fleshtones, Neats, True West, Half Japanese, Bunnydrums, Ten Hail Marys, Cyclones ...;)
The Beach Ball Live (Beach Ball) M- / M- U.S.'1979 65.00
("The Beach Ball, on the water in New Port Beach, California has been a place to go for a good time, get- down-sing-a-long-clap-your-hands-fun since '71; there's nothing like the Beach Ball when it's cookin'; kind of a cross between a mini-Woodstock and a revival meeting" ... this album will give you a small idea of some of the fun to be had at the Beach ball on a sunday afternoon". (from the liner-notes) ... feat. acts/bands like Bob Gulley's Madness, Kurt Steinbeck (who does a smokin' acoustic-guitar-R&R-medley!) Stan Orlo and Bruce McCoy who also produced the project; simple b&w card-board jacket w/drawing on front;  back-cover has some photos and line-up/tracks-infos;...Vinyl looks barely played; Cover in shrink-wrap (slightly torn in spots) with LIGHT yellowish stains on back along opening for only flaw; clean labels;)
Beat Club '65 (Capitol) EX / EX D'1966 SOLD
(rare german compilation w/ black/ rainbow-label feat. acts/ bands like Johnny Rivers, Dick Dale & his Deltones, The Gallants, Don Hinson & the Rigamorticians, The Zeniths, The Knights, a Surf-wiper by Gary Usher performing it w/ band by the name of The Super Stocks"; cool jacket!)
Beat Club '68 (Polydor) VG++ / VG+ D'1967 SOLD
(german compilation of mid-to late 60's acts feat. The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cream, The Lovin' Spoonful, The Who, The Blossom Toes, The American Breed...;)
Beat Group (Tenth Planet) M / M- U.K.'1996 95.00
(a collection of late 60's music library recordings for film, television and radio; songs for the most part penned by Mike Lease (former organist w/ the Zephyrs, an archetypal british Beat-group that had issued a handful of 45s; ... this album brings forth an astonishing bouquet of ringin', psychedelic Pop gems w/ some queer effects, ossicle flattering melo-strives ... freaky, Floyd-induced cookings ... a fine cocktail of lost 'n buried sounds from those most influental times of yore! limited edition of 600 numbered copies; as it always is w/ this label, the back-ground info in the liners are just ace!!)
The Best Of Kevin Kat Records (Kevin Kat) M / M- U.S.'1990 42.00
(U.S. compilation-set on this special texan label run by Kevin Kosub ... feat. Sir Doug ("will you love me mañana" (Goffin-King) Dogman & The Shepherds ("Jail in San Antone", "Blues when I'm stoned" (!!) Harlon's Army, Little Nessie, Sheilah Guy, Kevin (Kosub) & The Blacktears, Charles Walter ...;)
Beyond The Calico Wall.. (Voxx) M / M- U.S.'1990 SOLD
(fantastic compilation w/really out-there 60's Acid-Zonk-Garage monster slices by bands like Rasputin and the Mad Monks doin' a nightmarishly bent version of the Prunes' "too much to dream last night", Alva Snelling created a fascinating teen-Psych wonder entitled "clock on the wall" (not the song by The Guess Who, E-Types ... or the likes!!) The Demons Of Negativity, The Greek Fountains, Park Avenue Playground ...; ... has a great psychedelic cover to boot plus insert-sheet w/extensive infos;)
Big Sur Festival (Columbia) EX / EX U.S.'1972 SOLD
(orig. orange-label U.S. print in thick FOC and HUGE poster-insert! ... Joan Baez, Taj Mahal, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Mickey Newbury, Mimi Fariña, Tom Jans, Kris Kristofferson ...;)
Big Sur Festival (CBS) EX / EX NL'1972 SOLD
orig. holland print in nice laminated  FOC; feat. Joan Baez, Taj Mahal, Blood,Sweat & Tears, Mickey Newbury, Mimi Fariña, Tom Jans, Kris Kristofferson... and the entire bunch plus Big Sur Choir doin' a heartful version of "Me and Bobby McGhee";
Black Fox Blues? (Radioactive) EX / EX U.S.'1978 SOLD
(Contra-Nukes late 70's Hippie-gathering, mostly Folk-stringin' songs w/a social concern and rather topical ramblin', native U.S. indian ingredients, full-band electric trax climaxin' on the great "the sun and the wind" by Randy Crouch, Flying Horse and Friends! other acts feat. Linda Overbey, Larry Shields, Karen Kitchen, Mariliy Oldfest, Rocky Frisco ...; small, Oklahoma label press w/insert-sheet;)
Blues At Sunrise (Fidelity) VG++ / VG++ U.K.'1969 SOLD
(scarce U.K. Blues-Workshop w/ 3 vocalists: Gerry Lockran (he also plays guitar) Redd Sullivan and Dave Travis (he plays slide on 2 songs) ...each gettin' backed by diff. line-ups feat. Ted Hatton on guitar, Terry Nicholson on bass, Lloyd Courtenay (dr) Alan Thomas plays the piano ... and 1 song is just his piano! ... there's some great swingin', british-styled grooves w/ funky twang, shaky jammer routes ("Frisco Beakdown") and moods w/a joyful bangh! Alexis "white father" Korner contributes some liner-notes;)
The Blues Project (Elektra) EX / EX U.S.'1965 55.00
(rare gold-label print of that Urban/ Village/Coffehouse-Folk compilation that gave name to one of the most influental/ pathbreakin' 60's U.S. bands ever ... THE BLUES PROJECT! ... feat. here is Danny Kalb w/two songs "I'm troubled" and "hello baby blues" ... other acts feat. Dave Ray, Eric Von Schmidt, Geoff Muldaur, Mark Spoelstra, Dave Van Ronk ...; ... an indispensable compendium of the very best on the mid-60's U.S. urban Folk-Blues scene ... Fred Neil and John Hammond missing though! comes w/illustrative booklet;...Vinyl looks barely played ...with in-audible surface marks; Cover (un-cut) with light bumps in corners; light fray in seams; 8cm tape in bottom-seam (in right corner) to prevent from splitting it appears; NO storage-wear of any kind; comes with printed insert-booklet AND a nice ELEKTRA label '67 catalog (small 10-page booklet) that has artists pictured; clean tan labels; has a generic 'E' (tan/white) label-inner-sleeve as well; real nice copy in all;)
Blues Underground 70 Superhypermost (CBS) VG++ / VG++ D'1970 SOLD
(rare german green-vinyl compilation feat. bands like AUM, CATFISH, ELVIN BISHOP GROUP, CHICKEN SHACK, HARDIN & YORK ... real odd print in black cover w/paste-on live-photo of Janis Joplin on front!!)
Boom '77 (Suzy) EX / EX Jug'1978 SOLD
(orig. print in FOC and inner-bags; late 70's Live-sampler w/Jugoslavian bands of the time ...;)
Born On The Road: Easy Rider (Europa) EX / EX D'1970 SOLD
(early 70's compilation of german bands takin' off on classics like "born to be wild" by Electric Food which also covers "up around the bend" (J.Fogerty) & "house of the rising sun", other acts feat. Ten o'Clock Bubble Gum Train, John Deen and the Trakk, The Petards, The Automatic Blues Inc...; front-cover is the title-photo from the Easy Rider movie showin' Peter & Dennis high on their machines!)
Brain Shadows Vol 2. (No Label) New / New A'1996 75.00
(long deleted compilations chock-full with incredible RARE U.S. Psych-Rock from the late 60's /early 70's;'plosive stuff taken from RARE singles,tapes,acetates...; bands like "BEDPOST ORACLE", "THE SOLID STATE", "EASTERN TIME ZONE", "FIVE POUND GRIN" ...; deluxe packing w/booklet insert; thick vinyl press)
Brain Shadows Vol.1 (No Label) New / New A'1996 95.00
(long deleted compilations chock-full with incredible RARE U.S. Psych-Rock from the late 60's /early 70's ... Singles, acetates, tapes ...; bands like "BEDPOST ORACLE", "THE SOLID STATE", "EASTERN TIME ZONE", "FIVE POUND GRIN"...; deluxe packing w/booklet insert;...HEAVY Vinyl looks close to un-played; Cover is NICE with 5cm fray /splitin bottom-seam (middle) for only fault; incl. 4-page ¨booklet;¨ clean labels; this is No. 127 out of a limited pressing of 300 copies; pics here are from this copy :
Broadside #7 (Folkways) EX / EX U.S.'1973 SOLD
(early 70's release w/thick card-board-jacket plus 8-page-booklet insert; U.S. counter-cult coffeehouse-balladeers/ songwriters w/ a message & some fiery performances such as Larry Estridge's "troubleshooter" w/ruff slide 'n blistered throat raspin' the coal; Ron Turner (who's got an album on Folkways) cranks 2 ballads that theme some native-indian- topics of the times; Judy & Danny Rose-Redwood hit some dreamy, fragile attics w/acoustic guitars and a subtle electric-lead-guitar- line that put the flatter on the heart w/lofty femme/ male harmonies (anybody out there know if they got an album??) Paul Kaplan's "Vietnam" sure is another treat;)
Broadside Ballads Vol.1 (Folkways/Broadside) EX / EX U.S.'1964 SOLD
(mid 60's U.S. release of fine collection made up mainly from tapes recorded by the artists over the years at Broadside's apartment; acts include Bob Dylan (performing as Blind Boy Grunt) Phil Ochs, Peter La Farge, Happy Traum, Gil Turner, Matt McGinn...; w/booklet insert;)
Broadside Reunion Vol.6 (Folkways/Broadside) M- / EX U.S.'1972 SOLD
(early 70's U.S. release of fine collection made up mainly from tapes recorded by the artists over the years at Broadside's apartment... from the early to the mid 60's; acts include Bob Dylan (performing as Blind Boy Grunt) Phil Ochs, Peter La Farge, Mike Millius, Len Chandler, Eric Andersen...; w/booklet insert;)
The Broadside Singers (Broadside) M- / M-! U.S.'1964 SOLD
(mid 60's U.S. release of fine collection made up mainly from tapes recorded by the artists over the years at Broadside's apartment; acts include Bob Dylan (performing as Blind Boy Grunt) Phil Ochs, Peter La Farge, Happy Traum, Gil Turner, Patrick Sky, Buffy Saint-Marie, Mark Spoelstra...; w/booklet insert; top shape!)
Buffalo Bop (Dee Jay) EX / EX D'1985 SOLD
(german mid-80's sampler w/ U.S. 50's Rockabilly acts: Ray Gentry & The Rovin' Gamblers, Ray Burden, The Rockets, The Emanons, Gene Jenkis, Jimmy Rogers & the Rockin' Rangers (w/fiddle 'n banjo!)... etc;)
Christmas At The Patti (United Artists) EX / EX U.K.'1972 SOLD
(rare LIVE double-10" release in nice FOC of Pub-rockin' class captured at the Patti Pavillon in Swansea in late 1972; starring The Flying Aces, Ducks Deluxe, The Jets, Man, Help Yourself, Dave Edmunds...; the whole thing's takin' off on the sidelong-pounding "Eddie Waring"-track (performed by Help Yourself w/help from Deke Leonard & B.J.Cole on HOT pedal-steel guitar) ...a niftly little gem w/odd-deluxe packing;)
Circus Days (Strange Things) M- / EX U.K.'1990 SOLD
(great compilation of hoplessly lost 'n obscure 60's U.K. Garage-Psych/Pop-Sike treasures ... bands like Nimrod, The Wire Machine, Tamara Koran & Perception, Rhubarb Rhubarb, The Eggy ...; great sleeve to boot its paisley-frynge-pow-wow contentz;)
The Concert For Bangla Desh (Apple) M- / EX NL'1971 SOLD
(orig. holland print of famous early 70's Benefit triple-set feat. some Beatles, Eric Clapton, Ravi Shankar, Bob Dylan, Billy Preston, Leon Russell...; has a HUGE booklet insert;)
The Concert For Bangla Desh (Apple) VG+ / VG++ U.S.'1971 SOLD
(orig. U.S.print of famous early 70's Benefit triple-set feat. some Beatles, Eric Clapton, Ravi Shankar, Bob Dylan, Billy Preston, Leon Russell...; has a HUGE booklet insert;)
Concert'71 (Jugendring Oberursel) EX / EX D'1971 Sold
(very rare early 70's german sampler feat. local, obscure german bands live in concert... ;WANIYETULA bustin' out on an extended version of "light my fire" w/shaky rhythms 'n fierce lead-axe, STOKE burns trails on a version of Buddy Miles' "bmv"! ABRAHAM, another band, cooks up wild jammer Kraut on a long spree entitled "turban", NICE NOISE tryin' out wits on a Santana cover w/dynamic organ/guitar interplays!
..and there's HUMUNCULUS, a band that features Skip Ladd (of TWENTIETH CENTURY ZOO!!!... yes, the San Francisco band that cut that Acid-Blues-Rock thing on the U.S. Vault-label in the late 60's!) Skip was their lead-guitarist and what you have here is a remake of "rainbow" (from afore mentioned album!!) w/that killer lead-axe riffing still intact! there's band-photos on back-cover and the recording quality is excellent!)
Concerts For The People Of Kampuchea (Atlantic) EX / EX D'1981 SOLD
(early 80's benefit project for UNICEF feat. THE WHO on side A, The Pretenders, Elvis Costello & the Attractions, Paul McCartney & the Wings, Rockpile with Robert Plant, Queen, The Clash, The Specials ...; FOC w/live-photos and infos for the cause; german orig. print in FOC;)
Declaration Of Fuzz (Glitterhouse) EX / EX D'198 SOLD
(german compilation covering the 80's intenational garage-band scene; feat. Miracle Workers, Boys from Nowhere, The Not Quite, Sick Rose, The Seen, The Blackberry Jug, Mystic Eyes, Green Telescope ... etc; comes in cool comix-sleeve w/inserts;)
Dirty Blues (Liberty) EX / EX D'1972 SOLD
(early 70's german double compilation set in cool sleeve (a bearded guy in a washtub in the woods w/ cigarette 'n brush!!) ... feat. SCARCE tracks by Lightnin' Hopkins (accompanyin' himself on piano on "Antoinette's  Blues"(!) T-Bone Walker, Lil' Son Jackson, Chambers Brothers, Papa Lightfoot, Wilson Pickett, Robins, George Smith & the Chicago Blues Band, Chris Kenner ...; FOC;)
Downtown Soulville (Soulville) M- / M- L'1998 SOLD
(late 90's compilation of fine 60's Soul-groovin sounds w/Floyd Smith, Chuck Edwards, Carl Holmes & The Commanders, Tom Dooley & The Lovelights, Bobby Barnes, Bil Wade and The Third Degrees ...; cool sleeve-work;)
E.P. (Stax/Pye) - / VG++ U.K.'197 SOLD
(late 70's orig. U.K. 12" E.P. (45 rpm) of sampler bringin' funky Classics(released on the STAX-label) : Isaac Hayes ("shaft") Johnny Taylor ("who's making love") Judy Clay & William Bell ("privat number") and Booker T & The M.G.'s (time is tight") no sleeve;)
Early L.A. (Together) EX / EX U.S.'1968 SOLD
(lost material by THE BYRDS, DAVID CROSBY, DINO VALENTI ... and the whole B-side has CANNED HEAT whipping the post w/ a killer 10:34 jamm called "first time around" ... superb sound quality;)
Everybody's High (Acid Tapes) EX / EX U.K.'1984 42.00
(very rare orig. compilation cassette covering the 80's british alternative/ independent Rock/ Garage/Acid-Folk 'n Neo-Basement-Gotho scene w/ bands like Modern Art, The Prowlers, The Gift, Ochre 5, Nick Halliwell, The Aardvarks (3 tracks!) Monty The Moron (!) Palace Steppers, The End, Cleaners from Venus;)
Everyday Heroes (Acid Tapes) EX / EX U.K.'198 55.00
(very rare orig. compilation cassette covering the 80's british alternative/ independent Rock/ Garage/ Acid-Folk 'n Neo-Basement-Gotho scene w/ bands like Western Heroes, The Prowlers, Great Plains, Sacred Cows, Slime and The Pond Dwellers, Ochre 5, Endorphins, Absolute Grey, Monty The Moron, Altamont, The End, Cleaners from Venus;)
Exploiting Plastic Inevitable (Yahoo) EX / EX U.K.'1994 SOLD
(60's Punk/ Garage-Psych compilation feat. band from all over the world: Checkmates (Hong Kong) The Tempters (Japan) The Moonjacks(Sweden) The Guess Who (Canada) Los Yorks (Peru) The Cedars(Israel) The Countdowns (Switzerland) ... Cool packing!)
The First Great Rock Festivals Of The Seventies:Isle Of Wight/Atlanta Pop Festival (Columbia) VG++ / EX / Cc. U.S.'1972 SOLD
(orange-label orig. print in tri-fold cover of triple vinyl-set documenting 2 classic Festivals of the early 70's with acts such as Johnny Winter And, Poco, Chambers Bros., Allman Bros., Mountain, Procol Harum, Cactus, Ten Years After, Leonard Cohen, Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis (he does "call it anythin'" (17:30) Sly And The Family Stone ...;)
First Press (Rail) M / M- U.S.'1981 75.00
(rare early 80's privat-press from California; a juicy bag of West-Coast Folk-strummin' w/bluesy touch, freewheelin' hippie-vybes by folks who have seen the bright lights in Frisco's heyday in the 60's & tried to keep the spirit alive!! ... Billy C. Farlowe (doin' a hot version of "I fought the law" w/great slide-job!) Norton Buffalo, Kate Wolf, Novato Frank Band (feat. Mickey Hart & John Cipollina!) Collins & Levine Band, Larry Hosford, Richard Nelson And The Bodega Bay Blues band ...; beautiful cover w/insert-sheet;)
Flash Fearless Versus The Zorg Women Parts 5&6 (Chrysalis) EX / EX U.K.'1974 SOLD
(orig. U.K. print of action-packed Rock spectacle feat. Carmine Appice, Alice Cooper, Elkie Brooks, Maddy Prior, John Entwistle, Bill Bruford, Nicky Hopkins, Keith Moon, Justin Hayward ...; comes w/comix-booklet and an over-size poster for inserts!!)
Folk-Sing Festival (Verve Forecast) M- / M- U.S.'1964 SOLD
(fine sampler presenting the winners of the Folk-talent competition sponsored by Verve Records and E. J. Korvette; ... special version of "house of the rising sun" by an all-female trio from Missouri called THE SENDELWRIGHTS, THE YANKEE REBELS bustin out on a dashin' "orange blossom special"; DIANNE McHUGH delivers a version of "Stack O Lee"; "seasons in the sun" by MADELINE DAVEY ... cover says "special premium limited edition"; top shape!)
Forest Fest '93 (Little Buffalo) M- / M- U.S.'1993 SOLD
(90's U.S. cassette-only release of excellent southern U.S. Folk-Blues LIVE - compilation flung out by this local Arkansas label that also issued an excellent album by Ed & Carol Florida ( two songs by them included here) ...other acts run by the names of Steve Fisher, Dennis Lee, Dave Malm, Kelly Franklin, Jus Lucky, The Murray Boogie Band, Joe Morin; sleeve is autographed by Ed Florida;)
Front Row Center (Columbia) EX / VG+(+) U.S.'195 SOLD
(late 50's(?) U.S. orig. MONO print ("eyes"-label!) 12 musical comedy favorites performed by Percy Faith, Paul Weston, Michel Legrand and Morton Gould;)
Glimpses Vol.3 (Wellington) EX / EX U.S.'198 SOLD
(RARE 60's Garage-Psychedelic compilation from the 80's; feat. bands like Hunger, Mad River, The Accent, The Fugitives, Larry & the Paper Prophets, The Restless Feelin's, The British Roadrunners ...; thick card-board-jacket w/great psychedelic-art design;)
The Guitar Greats (Everest) EX / EX U.S.'197 SOLD
(U.S. print of this Folk-guitar archive dive into the early/mid-60's feat. such legends as Dick Rosmini, Joe Maphis, Glen Campbell, Tommy Tedesco, Fred Gerlach, Mason Williams, Billy Strange and some James McGuinn which is no other than Jim a.k.a. Roger McGuinn before fallin' out of the nest (to spread wings for some byrdsian flyte!) ...; all-acoustic instrumental pickin';)
Handle With Care (Probe) EX / VG++ U.K.'1970 SOLD
(orig. U.K. pink-label-print of fine compilation album w/ album-tracks by Steppenwolf, James Gang ("funk 49") Freedom, Three Dog Night, B. B. King and Bush;)
Hard & Heavy (Musk) EX / EX CH'1985 SOLD
(orig. swiss sampler w/all native Hard-Rock bands such as: Sergeant, Tyrant, Black Angels, Sacrifice, Stormbringer, Killer, Maxine, Crown, Gravestone, Kaktus, Fandango;)
History Of Rhythm & Blues Vol.2 (Atlantic) VG++ / VG++ / Co. U.S.'1968 SOLD
(late 60's U.S. orig. mono print of sampler w/R&B acts such as The Diamonds, Ruth Brown, The Clovers, The Chords, Ray Charles, The Five Keys, The Drifters, La Vern Baker, Joe Turner ...; recordings from 1953 - 1955;)
History Of Rhythm & Blues Vol.4 (Atlantic) VG++ / VG++ / Co. U.S.'1968 SOLD
(late 60's U.S. orig. mono print of sampler w/R&B acts such as The Coasters, Carla Thomas, Ray Charles, Ben E. King, The Drifters, La Vern Baker...; recordings from 1958 - 1960;)
Hootenanny '66 (Century) EX / VG++ U.S.'1966 110.00
(RARE mid-60's U.S. issue on a label that spawned some exciting (Psychedelic) -Rock down the line...; this Hootenanny was staged at Thetford Academy in Vermont on January 15, 1966; feat. Vera Vanderlaan, Phillip Collins (not the guy who tried to interpretate some chapters of the Genesis later on!) Bob Benjamin, Charles & Brenda, Dave & Marty, Martha-Barbara Wesley, Bill & Michael, Dody Hanson...;)
Hootenanny Tonight (Folkways) M- / EX U.S.'1959 SOLD
(the word "Hootananny"describes a gathering of Folk-Singers,performing live.the gathering on this album took place in 1959 feat. acts like Pete Seeger(of course),Jerry Silverman,Laura Duncan,Jean Hart, Al Moss,Sylvia Kahn,Sonny Terry...among others;comes w/ huge booklet for insert;very nice shape!)
Hootenanny-Live At The Bitter End (FM) EX / VG++ U.S.'1964 SOLD
(RARE mid-60's U.S. release of superb live-performances at the legendary Bitter End Folk-club in Greenwich Village in New York City! 3 songs by each artists feat. Fred Neil, Jo Mapes, Bob Carey & Len Chandler; comes w/ the original inner-sleeve!)
I Love You Gorgo (No Label) M- / M- A'199 SOLD
(limited 'n numbered (300 copies) reprint of fairly rare late 60's compilation album feat. three Garage-Psych-rockin' bands from the U.S. southwest: Lode Star, Intruders & Truth; comes in nice rough-textured envelope-cover! pressed on quality vinyl!)

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