Jazz C

Artist Title (Label) Cover / Record / Co. Released Price CHF
Mike Campbell
& Tom Garvin
Blackberry Winter (ITI) M- / EX U.S.'1984 SOLD
(mid-80's U.S. release of Vocal-Jazz sounds... incl. "how deep is the ocean", "that old feeling", "sweet Lorraine"...; just piano 'n voice and the album is self-produced;)
Conte Candoli Quintet Groovin' Higher (Affinity) M- / M- U.K.'1982 SOLD
(early 80's U.K. re-release of rare album recorded in 1955 in L.A. and released on Bethlehem Records; Candoli plays trumpet, Bill Holman on tenor sax, Lou Levy (p) Leroy Vinnegar (b) and Larry Marable on drums; fine West-Coast Jazz splash-down all the way w/versions of Miles Davis' "four", "I'm getting sentimental over you", "jazz city blues", "full county"...;)
Baikida Carroll Shadows & Reflections (Soul Note) M- / M- I'1982 SOLD
(early 80's italian print of tension-packed Jazz venture poundin' w/rootsy dive... fronted by black trumpeter also playin' fluegelhorn; Julius Hemphill on saxes, Anthony Davis (p) Dave Holland (b) Pheeroan Ak Laff on drums; 5 extended slopes makin' this a very powerful album!)
Benny Carter The Early (Everest) EX / M- U.S.'197 SOLD
(70's U.S. print of recordings from the later 30's by this very gifted composer & arranger and as for the latter rankin' among the finest in Jazz history! incl. "nightfall", "swingin' at Maida Vale" (orig. called "just a ride") "when lights are low", "royal garden blues"...; liners by Charles Fox who names Carter among the 3 best alto-sax players in Jazz!)
Benny Carter
All Stars
Featuring Nat Adderley & Red Norvo (Sonet) M / M U.K.'1986 SOLD
(mid-80's LIVE recordings (in Stockholm) by this very gifted composer & arranger and as for the latter rankin' among the finest in Jazz history! hot line-up starring Nat Adderley, Red Norvo, Horace Parlan, Red Mitchell, Ronnie Gardiner; versions of Adderley's "work song", "blues for lucky lovers", "when lights are low", "here's that rainy day"...;)
The Benny Carter Group Wonderland (Pablo) M- / M- D'1986 SOLD
(mid-80's german orig. issue of 1976 recordings by legendary all-round Jazz champ (teamin' up w/Coleman Hawkins in Paris in the late 30's to cut "out of nowhere" w/Django Reinhardt!!) ...feat. Grady Tate on drums, Milt Hinton (b) Ray Bryant (p) Harry "Sweets" Edison (t)Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis (ts) ...incl."ata a vista", "misty", "blues" ...a hot groover to close a fine album! notes (on back sleeve) by Benny Green;)
Ron Carter Carnaval (Galaxy) M / M D'1983 SOLD
(80's effort recorded LIVE in Tokyo as a quartet feat. Sadao Watanabe, Hank Jones, Tony Williams; incl. the tasty latin-groovin' "manha de carnaval", "moose the mooche" (Ch. Parker) german orig. print;)
Patrão (Milestone) EX / M- D'1981 SOLD
(early 80's effort by this black bass-master; goin' Latin-Jazz moods w/Chet Baker (t) Jack DeJohnette (dr) and Kenny Barron on piano; guitar by Amauro Tristao on 2 tracks;)
Super Strings (Milestone) M / M U.S.'1981 SOLD
(early 80's effort by this black bass-master; goin' latin-Jazz moods w/Jack DeJohnette (dr) and Kenny Barron on piano; guitar by John Tropea, Ralp McDonald on percussion... also feat. a chamber-string orchestra drawing some airy lines! ...incl. the hot, funky 'n rockin' "uptown conversation" (10:49)
Super Strings (Milestone) SS / SS U.S.'1981 SOLD
(early 80's effort by this black bass-master; goin' latin-Jazz moods w/Jack DeJohnette (dr) and Kenny Barron on piano; guitar by John Tropea, Ralph McDonald on percussion... also feat. a chamber-string orchestra painting some airy lines! ...incl. the hot, funky 'n rockin' "uptown conversation" (10:49)
Al Casey Buck Jumpin' (Prestige/Swingville) M / EX U.S.'1962 SOLD
(early 60's release w/orig. red label; swingin' acoustic Bop-guitar w/Rudy Powell on alto sax 'n clarinet, Herman Foster on piano, Jimmy Lewis(b) Balton Evans(dr); incl. "Casey's blues", "Rosetta", "honeysuckle rose"; top shape but noisy pressing though...;)
Oscar "Papa" Celestin The Original Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra (Philips) EX / VG+(+) NL'196 SOLD
(orig. dutch 4-track E.P. w/recordings from the 20's (of the 20th century) by this legendary New Orleans cornet blowin' hero; tri-fold sleeve;)
Joe Chambers And Friends Chamber Music (Baystate) M- / M- J'1979 SOLD
(late 70's orig. japanese direct-to-disc Master/audiophile recordings feat. Chambers on drums, Hidefumi Toki on saxes, Nobuyoshi Ino(dr) ...cover of Cole Porter's "night and day"; w/insert-sheet;)
Eddie Chamblee The Rocking Tenor Sax Of (Prestige) M- / EX U.S.'1964 125.00
(black-silver-label stereo-print of this smokin' Bop-groover by this tenor-sax man accompanied by Dayton Selby at the organ & Al Griffin on drums; incl. "the honeydripper" for opening sweeper!! ...both vinyl and cover are close to perfect; label with groove and VAN GELDER in the run-out;)
Don Cherry Complete Communion (Blue Note) EX / EX U.S.'196 SOLD
(orig. U.S. print of this heavenly 60's jammer-bliss! feat. Gato Barbieri on tenor sax, Henry Grimes on bass & Ed Blackwell on drums; B-side has "elephantasy";)
Eternal Rhythm (MPS) EX / EX D'1969 95.00
(rare german print of this Free-Form blowin' Jazz-jammer w/Ethno speckled edges rended by Gender and Saron (Gamelan), eastern flutes, bells,percussion; Feat. A. Mangelsdorff on trombone, Sonny Sharrock on guitar, Karl Berger(vibes) Joachim Kühn(piano)...; title track spins over 2 sides! great FOC;...Vinyl looks barely played; laminated Cover with bumps in corners; fray in top seam; NO storage-wear worth mentioning; inside of gatefold has some spots of yellowish discoloration; clean spine; clean labels;)
MU-Second Part (Byg/Actuel) M- / EX F'1969 75.00
(french orig. print of intense, percussion driven, myth-hewn piece performed as a duo feat. Ed Blackwell on percussion & bells and Don Cherry plays pocket trumpet, piano, indian flute, bamboo flute, bell and uses his voice as well; incl. "bamboo night"; nice FOC in nice shape;...Vinyl looks and plays Ex to NM (Near Mint); Cover  is NICE  with light bump in bottom-right corner; faint traces of storage-wear on front in white ground; clean labels;)
Symphony For Improvisers (Blue Note) M / M U.S.'1994 SOLD
(mid-90's U.S. limited edition audiophile reprint of rare Blue Note album recorded/released in 1966; Free-Form speckled Jazz brewin' of the premier class feat. Gato Barbieri, Pharoah Sanders, Karl Berger(vibes 'n piano) Henry Grimes, Edward Blackwell...;)
Don Cherry And The Jazz Composers Orchestra
Relativity Suite (Jcoa) VG++ / EX U.S.'1973 75.00
(the spiritual sand of the East running thru' western fingers 'n tongues for definite feast! w/Carla Bley at the piano, Dewey Redman, Charlie Haden, Paul Motian, Ed Blackwell...; incl. "tantra"(8:00) and the beautiful Coltrane/Sanders typo hymn "desireless" (1:22)...clean vinyl looks barely played...close to Near Mint; Cover with 2 stickers on front; 8cm top-seam-split (middle) 3cm bottom-seam-split (in right corner) general fray in seams and spine; bumps in corners; back cover shows storage-/ring-wear; tiny spot of pencil writing on back (in top left corner) side 1 of label has a SMALL sticker (previous owner/location) pics available.
Charlie Christian Same (Giants Of Jazz) M / EX I'1984 SOLD
(80's italian press of some recordings from the early 40's of the 20th century by this electric-guitarist- Bop-pioneer; most songs performed by Benny Goodman and his sextet;)
Clarinet Summit Live You Better Fly Away (MPS) EX / M- D'1980 SOLD
(orig. german print of all-clarinet thing feat. Perry Robinson, John Carter, Theo Jörgensmann, Bern Konrad, Gianluigi Trovesi & Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky; liners & production by J.E. Berendt;)
Buck Clayton The Golden Days Of Jazz (CBS) M- / M- NL'1974 SOLD
(mid-70's dutch print of fine compilation double-set offering recordings from 1953/54/55 by ace trumpet man; HOT jammin' fever on tracks like "rock-a-bye Basie", "jumpin' at the woodside", "Christopher Columbus" (25:42)...; FOC w/liners on inside;)
Jazz Tracks (Bellaphone) M- / M- D'1977 SOLD
(70's german print of fine compilation-set offering recordings from 1949 (made in Paris, France) by ace trumpet man; selections include "high tide", "perdido", "sweet Georgia Brown", "night life"...;)
Arnett Cobb Ballads By Cobb (Status) M- / EX U.S.'196 SOLD
(2nd label print (blue label w/logo on right) from around '65 (sleeve  says "Status" and has "St 14" printed) ...orig. recorded in the early 60's for Moodsville; feat Red Garland on piano & celeste(!) on 1 song, George Duvivier & J.C. Heard; great relaxed balladery w/ Arnett's mellow 'n tasty brushin tenor sax! ...incl. "willow weep for me", "blue & sentimental" (!!)...;)
Ballads By Cobb (Prestige) EX / EX U.S.'196 SOLD
(2nd label print (blue label w/logo on right) from around '65 (sleeve  says "Status" and has "St 14" printed; orig. recorded in the early 60's for Moodsville; feat Red Garland on piano & celeste(!) on 1 song, George Duvivier & J.C. Heard; great relaxed balladery w/ Arnett's mellow 'n tasty brushin tenor sax!.. incl. "willow weep for me", "blue & sentimental" (!!)...;)
Al Cohn & Dexter Gordon True Blue (Xanadu) EX / EX F'1976 SOLD
(orig. french-print of hot mid-70's jam-out by masters of the boppin' age... starring Blue Mitchell, Sam Noto, Barry Harris, Louis Hayes, Sam Jones; title-track spins for 17 minutes plus and reveals the magic contained! cover of "how deep is the ocean" (Irving Berlin)
Bill Coleman & Guy Lafitte Mainstream At Montreux (Black Lion) EX / EX D'1973 SOLD
(straight Jazz breezer recorded live at Montreux; quintet performance starring Marc Hemmeler (p) Jack Sewing (b) Daniel Humair (dr) Coleman blows a great flugelhorn on "L and L Blues"; incl. a smokin' rendition of Gillespie's "tour de force";)
Earl Coleman Earl Coleman Returns (Prestige) M- / M- J'1977 SOLD
(70's japanese reprint (in MONO!) of great 'n tasty Vocal-Jazz recordings done in '52 & '56; Art Farmer blows the trumpet, Hank Jones on piano, Wendell Marshall(b), Gigi Gryce on alto sax...; w/insert-sheet;)
George Coleman & Tete Montoliu Duo
Meditation (Timeless Muse) EX / VG++ U.S.'1979 SOLD
(late 70's U.S. print of solemn/expressive duo venture by Coleman on sax and pianist Montoliu;)
Ornette Coleman Body Meta (Artists House) M- / EX U.S.'1978 SOLD
(late 70's release w/ songs partly recorded in Paris in '75; most espressive cuts w/Shannon Jackson on drums, Jamaaladeen Tacuma on bass 'n two guitarists that shoot some wild fuzz-tone cranks in spots; comes w/information booklet for insert; great FOC w/cosmo-spiritual paintings;)
Broadcasts (J For Jazz) EX / EX U.S.'197 SOLD
(rare early 60's recordings by one of the real innovators in 20th century Jazz;recorded live; incl. "the original theme", "rack jumping", "stating the case", "protest"... these are supposed to be the tracks on this album BUT both sides have exactly the same tunes... so ...misprint???; liners by Harris N. Venuti on back-sleeve;)
Chappaqua Suite (CBS) EX / EX U.K.'1967 SOLD
(Conrad Rook had the idea of comitting to the care of Ornette Coleman the task of  composing & playing the music for his first film "Chappaqua" ...Ornette at first hesitated... but then finally began working w/ arranger Joseph Tekula; in june '65 they entered the studio... David Izenzohn on bass, Charles Moffet on drums, Pharoah Sanders on tenor sax plus eleven other musician (no furthur info given on this album) ...for three days the carpets bein' enrolled and an outstanding achievement had been recorded in the end!
Now it was laid on Conrad Rook to hesitate... should he use a music in itself so beautiful for a movie?? Should not its strenght do harm to the pictures instead of serving it?? Should not the pictures wrong such a musical achievement? At last Conrad Rooks decided to have another score written for his film and kept this recording to offer in an album of two LP's to all of those fascinated by the musical world initiated by Ornette Coleman; orig. orange-label U.K. print in FOC w/pictures from the movie that inspired Ornette for his venture!)
Crisis (Impulse!) EX / EX U.S.'1972 SOLD
(early 70's release feat. a live concert given at New York University in 1969; feat. Don Cherry, Dewey Redman, Charlie Haden and Ornette's son on drums(!) Ornette plays violin on "space jungle"; FOC w/ descriptive liner-notes by Martin Williams;)
The Empty Foxhole (Blue Note) M- / M- U.S.'1994 SOLD
(quality reprint(180 g virgin vinyl) of this great release from the early 60's feat. Ornettes young(!) son on drums and Charlie Haden on bass; Ornette himself plays trumpet, alto sax and violin:)
The Empty Foxhole (Blue Note) M- / EX U.S.'1994 SOLD
(quality reprint(180 g virgin vinyl) of this great release from the early 60's feat. Ornettes young(!) son on drums and Charlie Haden on bass; Ornette himself plays trumpet, alto sax and violin:)
Free Jazz (Atlantic) M / M U.S.'197 SOLD
(late 70's/early 80's(?) re-release of pathbreakin' 'n exceptional recordings (authorizing the term of FREE-JAZZ!!) by The Ornette Coleman Double Quartet starring Eric Dolphy, Don Cherry, Freddie Hubbard, Billy Higgins, Charlie Haden, Ed Blackwell...; title track spins over 2 vinyl-sides kindlin' quite some fury-brews; nice FOC w/a painting by Jackson Pollock printed on inside;)
Friends And Neighbors (RCA) EX / EX F'1970 SOLD
(french 2nd print of Live-album recorded live in 1970 at Prince Street in New York; line-up starring Dewey Redman, Charlie Haden & Ed Blackwell plus neighbors and musician friends (Gil Evans, Pharoah Sanders, Don Cherry...) uniting in a chorus of spontaneous fraternal celebration;)
Something Else!  (Contemporary) M- / EX U.S.'1958 SOLD
(later label print in stereo and orig. sleeve work of his debut album starringDon Cherry, Walter Norris, Don Payne and Billy Higgins. recorded in 1958. tracks include 'invisible', 'the blessing' , 'Chippie' , 'the disguise', 'angel voice' , 'the sphinx' ...)
Town Hall,1962 (Esp-Disk) M- / EX U.S.'1965 SOLD
(2nd-print of this early 60's live excursion w/violin/chamber ensemble;David Izenzohn on bass,Charles Moffet on percussion;incl."the Ark"(23:24)
The Ornette Coleman Quartet This Is Our Music (Atlantic) M- / EX U.S.'196 SOLD
(reprint of scarce Atlantic release from the early 60's; feat. Charlie Haden, Don Cherry and Ed Blackwell; incl. "beauty is a rare thing" (7:12) ...liner-notes by Ornette himself;)
Buddy Collette Now & Then (Legend Record Co.) EX / EX U.S.'1973 SOLD
( U.S. print of fime Jazz strolls by this flutist (he also plays alto- and tenor sax) ..Al Aarons on trumpet, Grover Mitchell (trombone) , Red Callender (tuba, bass) , Al Viola (guitar) ...mostly self-penned songs incl. 'J. power buzzard' , 'shatara' , 'André' , 'fun city' , 'safari west' ...produced by Patrick Boyle (who wrote the title track) at William Elder Studios in Hollywood, Ca.)
Alice Coltrane Reflection On Creation And Space (Impulse!) VG++ / EX U.S.'1973 SOLD
(70's U.S. double-compilation set w/excerpts from previously released albums; FOC;)
Universal Conciousness (Impulse!) EX / EX U.S.'1971 SOLD
(solo-effort by John Coltrane's lady; feat. Jimmy Garrison, Leroy Jenkins, Jack DeJohnette, Rashied Ali...; very eastern/indian-roots oriented works w/expressive organ & harp by Alice and some 'xotic tamboura kolorz; heavy spiritual overtones; FOC;)
John Coltrane A Love Supreme (Impulse!) M- / EX U.S.'1965 SOLD
(beauty orig. print of this pathbreakin' mid-60's album... the sax, the spirituality, the man! FOC;)
Ascension (MCA) M- / M- J'1983 75.00
(early 80's japanese print in non-FOC; incl. title-track in 2 parts; recorded in mid '65; feat. Freddie Hubbard, Art Davis, Elvin Jones, McCoy Tyner, Marion Brown, Pharoah Sanders, Archie Shepp, John Tchicai, Dewey Johnson and Jimmy Garrison; w/insert;...both Vinyl and cover look like new; with insert sheet; no OBI;)
Ascension (Impulse!) M- / EX U.S.'196 SOLD
(orig. MONO print in thick FOC; incl. title-track in 2 parts; recorded in mid '65; feat. Freddie Hubbard, Art Davis, Elvin Jones, McCoy Tyner, Marion Brown, Pharoah Sanders, Archie Shepp, John Tchicai, Dewey Johnson and Jimmy Garrison;)
Blue Train (Blue Note) EX / EX F'197 SOLD
(early 70's french reprint of straight Bop chaser; featl Lee Morgan, Curtis Fuller, Kenny Drew, Paul Chambers & "Philly" Joe Jones; incl. the classic title-track, "lazy bird"...;)
Bye Bye Blackbird (Pablo Live) EX / EX U.S.'1981 SOLD
(early 80's U.S. press of supreme (prev. unreleased) LIVE recordings... w/McCoy Tyner on piano, Jimmy Garrison (b) and Elvin Jones (dr) ...incl. title-track (17:50) and the other side has "traneing in" (18:40) the latter ranges among his ultimate recordings ever!)
Cosmic Music (Impulse!) M- / M- U.S.'1972 85.00
(feat. Alice Coltrane;incl. recordings from '66 & '68(Alice Coltrane);beauty orig. print in thick FOC;...Vinyl looks and plays EX to NM (Near Mint (a cleaning would help) 3 light clicks at end of B1; Cover is NM (Near Mint) with one flaw: on inside of gatefold there are 2 spots of discoloration stretching from corners to near middle along top seam (1 cm broad ...feel free to ask for scans); else close to perfect! comes with label-inner-sleeve; clean labels; in run-out: AS-9148-A // ORS 0000 A (crossed out))
Expression (Impulse!) EX / EX U.S.'1968 65.00
(recordings from 1967 feat. Alice Coltrane, Rashied Ali, Jimmy Garrison & Pharoah Sanders...; FOC;...Vinyl looks played a few times only; cover with light bumps in corners;  2 TINY pin-holes in upper-left corner (cut-out???) small spot of discoloration in bottom-left corner (front); spots of discoloration (ink-spots?) along bottom-seam (back) inside of gate-fold: discoloration along bottom-seam (looks like a light water-damage) seams and spine are nice; clean labels; comes with label inner-sleeve; feel free to ask for pics;)
Infinity (Impulse!) EX / EX U.S.'1972 110.00
(early 70's release of prev. unreleased recordings from '65/'66; w/string orchestration arranged 'n conducted by Alice Coltrane; incl."peace on earth", "leo"...; beauty FOC;...vinyl-played maybe twice; cover (un-cut) is nice EX with light wear only ;light bumps in corners; 6 cm seam-split (top middle) small sticker on back of cover (bottom-left) "Record Club Of America, Inc." clean labels; printed on bottom of label: p 1972, ABC Records, Inc.)
Interstellar Space (Abc/Impulse!) EX / EX U.S.'1974 95.00
(mid-70's release of prev. unavailable recordings from early '67; Rashied Ali on drums & John Coltrane on tenor saxophone and bells!!FOC w/great pics!...Vinyl looks and plays EX to NM (Near Mint); Cover is NICE EX + with light general wear (faint traces of ring-wear (front and back) light fray in seams, light bumps in corners; ; clean green-blue labels; comes in label inner sleeve;)
The Last Train (Prestige) EX / EX J'1977 42.00
(tasty japanese reprint of  famous late 50's sessions w/Donald Byrd, Red Garland, PaulChambers, Art Taylor...; incl. "by the numbers" (11:00); w/insert-sheet;...Vinyl plays EX to Near Mint with in-audible marks (looks actually barely played) Cover with 13 cm top-seam-split (starting in right corner) light fray in bottom-seam; small spot of stain in top-right corner (due to removed vintage sticker & tape)small spot of tear on back (near top-left corner)minimal traces of storage-wear on front and back (stains) clean black-yellow 'fireworks' MONO labels; with printed insert-sheet; NO OBI!)
Live At Birdland (MCA) M- / EX J'1980 65.00
(deluxe japanese print of scarce Impulse! album containing LIVE excursions from 1963; feat. McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison and Elvin Jones; incl."afro-blue", "the promise"; FOC; ...Vinyl played maybe twice; Cover is NICE with LIGHT fray in seams; light bumps in bottom corners; faint dots of discoloration in upper-right corner (inside of fold-open cover) black 'rainbow' labels are clean; with insert-sheet (in japanese) no OBI;)
Live At The Village Vanguard (Impulse!) EX / VG++ U.S.'196 SOLD
(recorded in '61 w/Reggie Workman, McCoy Tyner, Elvin Jones, Eric Dolphy (on"spiritual" (13:30); ...the sax, the spirituality, the man...; thick FOC 'n liners by Nat Hentoff;)
Live In Seattle (Impulse!) VG++ / M- U.S.'196 75.00
(live-double set recorded in '65; feat. Pharoah Sanders! w/promo-sticker on back-cover;...clean vinyl plays NICE EX to Near Mint with in-audible surface marks; Cover (un-cut) with fray in seams and spine (NO splits) light ring-wear on front & back; small spot of tear ('rubbing') on front (along bottom-seam) similar(smaller) tear on back also along bottom-seam; inside of gatefold is nice; small round red/white PROMO sticker on back; comes with labels inner-sleeves that has releases pictured; ...also with small tri-fold label booklet with discography; clean labels; pics available;)
Meditations (MCA) M- / M- J'1983 55.00
(early 80's japanese print of Impulse! release #AS 9110; mid-60's recordings incl. "the father and the son and the holy ghost"; insert-sheet w/liners (in english!) by Nat Hentoff;)
My Favorite Things (Atlantic) M- / EX U.S.'1961 95.00
(this one requires no big comment!! ...a simply essential 'n CLASSIC 20th century music-document!)
Om (MCA/Impulse!) M- / M- J'1983 65.00
(japanese reprint in top shape of this rare Impulse! album recorded in '65; ...spiritual vapours a-burning out of the catacombs of a black man's yearning... vibration, power, the elementary click in the time of nick, expansion beyond time 'n rhyme, waves o' sound from the basic stroke o' chime... it ain't yours it's not mine, the outcry of a concious tool in the human whirlpool! feat. McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison & Donald Garrett (both on bass... at the same time..yess!) Elvin Jones, Joe Brazil(flute) and Pharoah Sanders ridin' crest o' wave on other tenor-sax;)
Selflessness Feat. My Favorite Things (MCA) M / M- U.S.'196 110.00
(beauty orig. print incl. "my favorite things" & "I want to know about you" recorded at The Newport Jazz Festival in '63! title track is a studio recording from '65; FOC w/ a tinge of Psychedelic-Art;)
Settin' The Pace (Prestige) M- / M- U.S.'1963 SOLD
(black/yellow-label orig. print in NICE shape! feat. Red Garland, Paul Chambers, and Art Taylor; recorded in March 1958!)
Soultrane (Saba/Prestige) M- / M- D'196 175.00
(german orig. print w/purple label & laminated sleeve; feat. Red Garland, Paul Chambers & Art Taylor;...beauty archive copy in laminated cover that is close to MINT with no real flaw to be mentioned. Disc looks barely played, label is purple with black lettering)
Standard Coltrane (Prestige) EX / M- U.S.'1963 125.00
(blue-label (w/logo on right) print; feat. Wilbur Hardin, Red Garland, Paul Chambers and Jimmy Cobb;...nice 'n clean Vinyl plays EX to NM (Near Mint) cover is EX with light bumps in corners and small spot of tear in upper-right corner (removed price-tag) has light traces of ring-wear (front and back : clean blue-silver 'Trigon' labels; VAN GELDER in run-out pics here are from this copy : www.discogs.com/release/8454585-John-Coltrane-Standard-Coltrane
Sun Ship (MCA) M- / M- J'1983 SOLD
(early 80's japanese print of Impulse! release #AS 9211; recordings from 1965; incl."ascent" (10:10)
Tenor Conclave (Prestige) M / EX U.S.'196 SOLD
(black/yellow-label 1st print in NICE shape! tenor-sax flooded Bob-grooves feat. Zoot Sims, Al Cohn, Hank Mobley, Red Garland, Paul Chambers and Art Taylor; incl. "how deep is the ocean";)
The Believer (Prestige) M- / EX U.S.'1964 SOLD
(black/yellow-label orig. print in NICE shape! feat. Donald Byrd, Freddie Hubbard (on 1 track only) Red Garland, Paul Chambers, Louis Hayes and Art Taylor (on 1 track only)
The Last Train (Prestige) EX / EX U.S.'1965 144.00
(2nd-label print; the famous late 50's sessions w/Donald Byrd, Red Garland, Paul Chambers, Art Taylor...; incl. "by the numbers" (11:00) ...stereo-remastered;...Vinyl looks played a very few times only; Cover with light bump in bottom-left corner only; clean labels; VAN GELDER in run-out (side 2 only))
Transition (MCA) M- / EX U.S.'1970 SOLD
(2nd-label-print (in non-FOC) of prev. unavailable recordings from the mid-60's feat. J. Garrison, McCoy Tyner, Elvin Jones; the B-side has a 21:18 "suite";)
Transition (Impulse!) M / M I'1970 SOLD
(italian reissue of prev. unavailable recordings from the mid-60's (first released in 1970) feat. J. Garrison, McCoy Tyner, Elvin Jones; the B-side has a 21:18 "suite"; non-FOC)
Transition (Impulse!) VG++ / EX U.S.'1970 42.00
(prev. unavailable recordings from the mid-60's feat. J. Garrison, McCoy Tyner, Elvin Jones; the B-side has a 21:18 "suite"; FOC; liners by Hentoff; FOC;...Vinyl plays nice EX to Near Mint with in-audible marks; Cover with strong ring-wear on front & back; 8cm bottom-seam-split (middle) bumps in 3 corners; inside of gatefold is nice with small spot of pencil-writing in top-right corner; clean labels; AS-9195-A  LW (run-out, side1, etched) ... pics available;)
Eddie Condon Dixieland Dance Party (London) VG++ / VG+ U.K.'196 SOLD
(orig. red/silver label issue of HOT Dixie-Jazz spree fronted by guitarist Condon! starring Leonard Gaskin (b) Herb Hall, Billy Butterfield...; incl. "at the jazz band ball", "that's aplenty", "clarinet marmalade", "high society"...;)
The Spirit Of Condon (Jazzology) M- / M- U.S.'1979 SOLD
(late 70's orig. U.S. print of 1971/73 LIVE recordings  by legendary Jazz-guitarist  w/a large impact on the Chicago- and New York Jazz-scene as (for example) he was the actual leading figure in almost all Commodore-sessions(!) and the thing he did had a very distinguished style!!extended tracks w/Wild Bill Davison on cornet...;comes w/label-insert-sheet;the label celebrated its 30th birthday w/this essential release;)
Chick Corea Again And Again (Elektra Musician) EX / M- D'1983 SOLD
(orig. early 80's german print; quintet performance feat. Don Alias & Tom Brechtlein on drums 'n percussion;)
Children's Songs (ECM) EX / M- D'1984 SOLD
(orig. mid 80's german print of solo-piano excursions; 2 side-long trax;)
Chick Corea 
& Michael Longo
Piano Giants (Groove Merchant) EX / EX / Co. U.S.'1974 SOLD
(mid-70's double-set containg 2 previously released albums (on Groove Merchant) by these 2 piano masters; disc one has Corea teamin' up w/Hubert Laws, Jack DeJohnette, Dave Holland, Woody Shaw and Horace Arnold; Longo on the other w/quartet feat. Ron Carter, Mickey Roker and Potato Valdez; cover of "windmills of your mind"; FOC;)
Chick Corea, Miroslav Vitous & Roy Haynes
Trio Music Live In Europe (ECM) EX / M- D'1986 SOLD
(orig. mid 80's german print of trio live-ventures recorded in concert in Reutlingen & Willisau;)
Creative Construction Company Muhal (Vedette) EX / EX  RE I'-1977 52.00
(clean vinyl plays EX to Near Mint for most parts; slightly audible marks in middle of side A that causes LIGHT 'clicks' for 3-5 spins;; Cover is EX with bumps in left corners; no storage-wear; labels wit SMALL pencil writing on B; nice copy in all;
Ted Curson Ted Curson & Co (India Navigation) EX / EX U.S.'1982 42.00
(orig. U.S. print of dynamic early 80's effort my trumpet-wizard w/help from Cecil McBee, Steve McCall & Jim McNeely; incl. the great "blue piccolo"(12.29)... this album also got previously released as "blue piccolo" on the japanese Why Not Records label!...Vinyl looks barely played; Cover is EX to Near Mint with bumps in corners; minimal to zero storage-wear; clean labels apart from some FAINT spindle marks;)
King Curtis Soul Meeting (Prestige) EX / EX 7222'1960 SOLD
(orig. black/yellow label print... BUT... this is a misprint!! the label has the regular info w/ #PRLP 7222 but the music is MILES DAVIS... and I reckon it's "the Beginning" issued as Prestige PRLP 7221(!?!)... so the wrong label was put on the wrong disc!! the matrix # in the dead-vinyl states 7221;... it plays a nice EX!)
Soul Meeting (Prestige) M- / M- U.S.'1960 SOLD
(orig. black/yellow label print of this HOT sax-boppin' early 60's groover w/"Little Brother" (Nat Adderley) on cornet, Wynton Kelly plays piano, Sam Jones on bass and Belton Davis beats the drums; title-track is a contagiously high-spirited fusion of Gospel and Jazz idioms!! ...HOT version of Cole Porter's "what is this thing called love"! top shape!!)
Andrew Cyrille The Navigator (Soul Note) EX / EX I'1983 SOLD
(early 80's effort by renowned black percussionist assisted by Sonelius Smith on piano, Nick Di Geronimo (b) & Ted Daniel on trumpet & fluegelhorn; liners by Val Wilmer;)

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