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Artist Title (Label) Cover / Record / Co. Released Price CHF
Various Artists Oldies But Goodies (Blue Horizon) EX / EX U.K.'1968 SOLD
(rare late 60's compilation album documenting recording artists for the label... Guitar Crusher, Bobby Parker, Garfield Love, Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation, Duster Bennett, Champion Jack Dupree, Otis Spann & Chicken Shack;)
Original & Cover Versions (Lux-Noise) M- / M- CH'1989 SOLD
(late 80's swiss release of sampler documenting the native town of Lucerne's late 80's Garage-scene w/ bands/acts like: Take A Virgin, Flying Shrimps, The Reaction, Rotting Beauties, Steven's Nude Club, Dr. Schmidt;)
Out Of The Blue (Rounder) M / M- U.S.'1984 SOLD
(mid-80's limited edition-compilation album documenting the Blues side of the label; ...J.B. Hutto & The New Hawks, Solomon Burke, Phillip Walker, Duke Robillard & The Pleasure, Johnny Adams, Roomful of Blues, The Nighthawks, James Booker, Marcia Ball...;)
Out West - Berkeley (Arhoolie) EX / EX U.S.'1965 125.00
(mid-60's orig. U.S. release of rare sampler documenting the early- to mid-60's Berkeley, California Coffee- House-Folk scene w/ such acts as Pete Berg, Dave Fredrickson, Art Koch, T. A. Talbott, Perry Lederman, Janet Smith, the lovely Toni Brown ...(she later on was in Joy of Cookin') ...all recorded in '63/'64; the geat "impressions of John Henry" was recorded LIVE at the Cabale Coffee House!! on "Charles Giteau" you can hear the entire CRABGRASS (Dave Fredrickson, Toni Brown, Art Koch, Pete Berg & T. A. Talbott) nice card-board jacket w/photo of participating musicians 'n info on 'em on back cover;)
Pointy Feet Beat (GDS) M- / EX U.S.'1979 SOLD
(great double compilation set documenting the mid- to late 70's U.S. mid-west Rock-scene; sounds range from great Country-rockin' moods by Poker Flatts, Dan Young Band... to barroom-stormin' Blues-Rock grits by Patrick Hazell & Mother Blues, Sympho-Prog sounds by Locust, Fusion-Funk progressions by Dartanyan...; FOC w/band-line-ups on back sleeve plus lyrics to songs printed on inside; front cover has a comix design; 30-pages (!) booklet-insert w/stories 'n photos of participating bands!!)
Psychedelic Underground (Elektra) VG++ / VG++ D'1968 SOLD
(late 60's orig. german release of sampler documenting the Elektra label  Psychedelic/Underground bands such as Clear Light, Zodiac Cosmic Sounds, The Doors, Ars Nova, Earth Opera, Incredible String Band; has a neat Psychedelic sleeve design; gold label print;)
R&B From Joe Davis Vol.2 (Krazy Kat) M / M- U.K.'1985 SOLD
(mid-80's U.K. compilation documenting the mid-50's recordings for Jay Dee- & Davis-Records; feat. songs by Erskine Butterfield, Dean Barlow, Ernestina, Enyatta Holta, Abner Kenon...;)
The Radio Tokyo Tapes (Ear Movie) M- / M- U.S.'1983 42.00
(scarce early 80's U.S. orig. print of fine compilation-album documenting the 80's L.A. independent Music scene w/bands/acts like The Last, Jane Bond & The Undercovermen, The Long Ryders, The Bangles, The Rain Parade, The Minutemen, Savage Republic, 100 Flowers...;...Vinyl played maybe twice (archive copy) Cover (un-cut) still in shrink-wrap and close to perfect; clean labels;)
The Rebel Kind (Sounds Interesting) M- / M- U.S.'1983 SOLD
(HOT sampler covering the 80's  Garage-Rock & Neo-Psychedelic moves w/(mostly U.S.) bands/acts like The Miracle Workers, The Nomads (a swedish killer-combo!) ...True West, The Slickee Boys, Plasticland, The Last, United States Of Existence...;)
Recording The Blues (CBS) VG++ / M- U.K.'1970 SOLD
(..."Blues recording began by accident. in February 1920. the General Phonograph Corporation in New York happened to record two popular songs by a black girl..." (the liner-notes to this album start like this...) ...orig. U.K. green-label print of gathered recordings from the 20's & 30's of the 20th century; Lucille Bogan, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Rev. J. M. Gates, Blind Willie Johnson, Bumble Bee Slim, Lil Johnson...;)
Relative Distance (Stanton Park) M- / M- U.S.'199 33.00
(early 90's U.S. release of top-level compilation-album documenting the 60's U.S. New England Garage-Psychedelic scene... The What doin' a racin' electric cover of "all along the watchtower" entitled "escape", Bobby & The Farraris, The Satan's Breed ("laugh myself to the grave"(!!) The Ascots, The Royal Aircoach, The Eastern Alliance"...; comes w/insert-sheet that has some information on the bands & pics;...un-played with insert sheet,Cover close to perfect;)
Rock And Roll In Arkansas (Splendid) EX / M- CH'197 SOLD
(orig. swiss release by collector's label that gave birth to Aftershave, Pacific Sound, Country Lane...; this compilation set documents the late 50's/early 60's (?) Razorback Records label in Arkansas, U.S.A.; The Five Rogues, Bobby Crafford, Teddy Redell, Sonny Burgess, Jimmy Luke...; some fiercely rocked-out gems contained here!! black label print;)
Rock And Roll In Arkansas (Splendid) EX / EX CH'197 SOLD
(orig. swiss release by collector's label that gave birth to Aftershave, Pacific Sound, Country Lane...; this compilation set documents the late 50's/early 60's (?) Razorback Records label in Arkansas; The Five Rogues, Bobby Crafford, Teddy Redell, Sonny Burgess, Jimmy Luke...; some fiercely rocked-out gems contained here!! very rare orange label print!!!)
Rockabillys-Put Your Cat Clothes On (Bellaphon) M / M- D'198 SOLD
(80's german compilation documenting some of Sun Records' Rockabilly acts; Carl Perkins, Malcolm Yelvington, Hayden Thompson, Warren Smith, Roy Orbison, Billy Lee Riley, Gene Simmons, Slim Rhodes...;)
Rock-Made In Switzerland (Ariola) EX / EX CH'1981 SOLD
(early 80's swiss compilation album covering the native Rock scene w/acts like Flame Dream, The Tickets, Trampolin, Krokus, Bitch, Hanery Amman, Steve Whitney Band and Carmen & Thompson;)
Rocks On The Tops (No Label) EX / EX CH'198 SOLD
(early 80's orig. swiss issue of compilation album documenting the early 80's swiss Rock scene w/ bands like Rising Empire, Flapjack, Ball, Pace, Crash, Achaja, New Rotix...; FOC w/pics of bands on inside;)
Shaggy Joe (Earlham Crucible) VG+ / VG+ U.S.'1971 55.00
(early 70's local Indiana Coffee-house-Folk gathering, all acoustic-strumming w/local acts like Larry Hosack, Dan Mack, Karla Kavenaugh & Lew MacAdam, Stephe Marks, Jay Harker, Polly Podewell...; all orig. songs spawning a relaxed, sub-cult athmo-soothe; simple card-board jacket w/raggy shoes drawned on front; sleeve-seams are partly taped;...Vinyl with plenty of surface marks plays VG+ with a light pop here and another there...NO jumps or skips...light surface noise throughout though; Cover (un-cut) with top-seam halfway split (taped)  5cm split in bottom-seam (right corner, taped) 4cm split in bottom-seam(middle) spot of stain (vintage glue) on front (top right) front and back looks slightly yellowed with age; clean labels;)
Slitherama (Planet X) M- / M- I'199 SOLD
(90's italian compilation-album covering the 60's japanese Garage-Rock scene(1966-69) w/bands like The Golden Cups, The Jaguars, The Spiders, The Voltage, The Sharp Five...;)
Songs Of The Demonstration! (Free Speech Movement) EX / EX U.S.'1965 125.00
(rare U.S.print of artefact-documentary from the mid-60's themein' on the demonstration at the University of California w/free speech recordings on one side; the other side of the disc has various Campus-Folk stringin' acts doin'songs... Dave Mandel, Dan Paik, Dave Genesen, Richard Kampf & Paul Gilbert, Kevin Langdon...; front-sleeve has a b&w photo-collage, back-cover has liners by producer Dustin Mark Miller;...Vinyl looks barely played, has some in-audible marks; Cover with bumps in corners; seams and spine are nice; small spot of discoloration in upper-right corner (removed price-tag) clean blue labels; a definite 60's ArtEfaCt!!!)
Sonic Defense Initiative (Imaginary) EX / EX / Cc. U.S.'198 65.00
(great compilation-set covering the 80's  Alabama idependent Rock scene w/ bands/acts like The Bonnevilles, Zane Grey, Kidd Blue and The Blues Kings, Paul and The Quest, Ebb Arnold and the Friction Pigs, Slow Natives, Mr. Resistor and the Incapacitators; has an insert-sheet w/infos on the bands! label sez' "first pressing";...Vinyl looks barely played; Cover  is EX to Near Mint with cut bottom-right corner; else close to perfect; insert-sheet is Near Mint; clean labels;)
The Sound Museum Presents: Clan Of The Clown (Sound Museum) M- / M- U.S.'1990 SOLD
(1990 U.S. release of fine compilation-album documenting the late 80's Boston indep-Rock/Noize / Grunge/ Garage-scene w/ bands/acts like The Crosstown Rivals (!) Two Backyards, Anonymous X, Curious Ritual, Inky Spoon, Hunting Sleeve, Womb to Tomb, Another Bad Harvest...;)
The Sound Of The Delta (Testament) EX / VG++ U.S.'1965 SOLD
(mid-60's orig. U.S. print of GREAT Mississippi-Blues anthology starring Ruby McCoy & Big Joe Williams doin' "rising sun", "shine on", Fred McDowell ("Lousie" , "Kokomo") Elijah Brown, Jesse Jones, Andrew Cauthen, Avery Brady...;)
Sounds Of San Antonio (Kevin Kat) M- / M- U.S.'1987 SOLD
(80's U.S. print of compilation album covering the rockin'-scene of San Atonio in Tejas; bands incl. Jimmy Spacek & Fever, Henry O, Ticket, Painted Pony, Two Hoots & A Holler, Kevin Kosub, Roxx, Electric Teeth;)
Sounds Of The Jawbone (No Label) M- / EX U.S.'196 Sold
(very rare late 60's local U.S. release documenting the magic of The Jawbone Coffee House at State College in Pennsylvania... all acoustic guitar-strummin' vibrating w/simple vibes, poetry-reading... by acts like Connie Woodring, Jerry Marince, John E. Haag, Sherry Erhard & Jeanne Fera, Larry Brown, Johnny North...; all original songs save one Bert Brecht adapted piece: "to my countrymen"; b/w cardboard-jacket w/artists pictured on front and descriptive liner-notes on back; nice shape!)
South Side Jazz (Chess) EX / EX / Co. U.S.'196 SOLD
(U.S. blue label-print of volume 4 of the Chess Jazz Vintage series cointaining material recorded by 6 different groups of Chicago based musicians who were very active throughout the great Southside during the post World War II years. the sides were cut between 1947 (Prince Cooper and Dave Young) and 1956 (Eddie South) and only a handful have ever been released as 78's. the most widely known artist here, violinist Eddie South, is represented with 5 selections; ...other acts are Red Saunders, Eddie Johnson & Lonnie Simmons; Dave Young does a version of "summertime"; liner-notes by Joe Segal;)
Southern Prison Blues (Storyville) EX / M- F'197 SOLD
(rare french compilation album deliverin' a smokin' mixture of Southern Country-Blues, all recorded at Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola, La.; feat. Guitar Welsh, Hogman Maxey, John Henry Jackson, Jesse Butcher, Otis Webster...;)
St.Louis Town 1929 - 1933 (Yazoo) EX / EX U.S.'196 SOLD
(late 60's (?) orig. U.S. print of great compilation album documenting the Blues-Scene of St. Louis in the late 20's/ early 30's of the 20th century; Henry Spaulding, Charley Jordan, Teddy Darby, Jim Jackson, Hi Henry Brown, Joe Stone & Jelly Jaw Short; beautiful black/silvery "peacock-label-design"!)
Swiss Folkfestivals 1977 (Voxpop) EX / EX CH'1977 SOLD
(Rare double-set with booklet insert documenting the swiss Folkfestivals takin' place in Lenzburg (this was Festival #6) and on Gurten (being the 1st festival there) acts & bands presented incl. The Watersons, Moin (from Germany), Aernschd Born (swiss), Sarclon, Mandala, Martin Carthy, Pan, Hoity-Toity, The Bothy Band (from Ireland), Pierre Bensusan (french), Roy Bailey ...;FOC and has a great recording quality;)
Take A Trip With Me (Prestige) M- / M- U.S.'196 SOLD
(mid-60's orig. U.S. release (blue label w/logo on right!) of GREAT gathering of Folk-Blues acts recording for the label... Lightnin' Hopkins, The Holy Modal Rounders, Dave Van Ronk, Tom Rush, Eric Von Schmidt; has a nice Psychedelic-Art styled sleeve and shape is next to pristine!!)
Tallahassee's Hottest (D-103/The Rock Station) EX / EX U.S.'198 SOLD
(orig. early 80's U.S. print of a community project designed to showcase Tallahassee's creative musical talent and to benefit area handicapped children; all orig. songs or arrangements were chosen from material submitted to D-103 radio by area bands and artists; incl. hard-rockin'/West-Coast/ Southern/Blues- Rock/FM-Pop-sounds by bands/acts like Crosscut Saw, Flipside, Eric Shepard, Pecs Bumstead, B. B. Jam, Robert Hutto, Eli, Rick Christian and The Key...;)
Tampa Smokes II (Pop) M- / EX U.S.'1989 SOLD
(late 80's U.S. orig. print of fine compilation album covering the 80's Tampa, Florida Pop-rockin' indep. -scene w/bands like The Fugitive Kind, The Woodies, JGLB, Thangogh, Baron of Love (!) April 13th, Deloris Telescope, Psychotribe, Mad For Electra, The Wankers (...they really look the type!)
The Tenor Sax Album (Savoy) EX / EX D'1985 SOLD
(german double-set of prev. released albums containing the famous Savoy-sessions stretching over a period of 10 years (from the mid-40's to the mid-50's) ...Coleman Hawkins, Ben Webster, Ike Quebec, John Hardee...; FOC w/liners by Leonard Feather;)
Texas Flashbacks Vol.1: Dallas (Texas Archive Recordings) M- / EX U.S.'1986 SOLD
(mid-80's U.S. compilation covering the 60's Dallas Garage-Punk scene w/Changing Times (5 trax) The Living End (5 trax) Mankind, Menerals(doin' "my flash on you" by The Grassroots ...a californian band that went to become the legendary LOVE!)
Texas Guitar - From Dallas To L.A. (Atlantic) EX / EX / Co. U.S.'1972 SOLD
(early 70's U.S. orig. print of great compilation presenting some important texan Blues-guitar slingers by the names of T-Bone Walker, Lawyer Houston, Guitar Slim, R. S. Rankin, Ray Agee and Al King; FOC w/ khool pics 'n liners by Pete Lowry;)
Texas Punk-Rock (1964-1968) Volume:3 (Cicadelic) EX / EX U.S.'1984 SOLD
(mid-80's compilation album documenting the 60's Texas Punk-rockin' scene w/ bands like The Living End, The Centurys (doin' a Ventures-styled cover of "Johnny B. Goode"!) The Chevelle V, The Outcasts, The Sights and Sounds (doin' 4 Psychedelic-Rock stunners...;)
The World Of Privat Music (Privat Music) M / M- U.S.'1986 SOLD
(mid-80's U.S. sampler documenting this interesting New Age/ Electronics/Chamber-Fusion-label from New York w/ acts such as Patrick O'Hearn, Yanni, Leo Kottke, Sanford Ponder, Lucia Hwong, Eddie Jobson, Jerry Goodman (yes, the violinist famous from Flock and The Mahavishn Orchestra;)
They All Played BeBop (Columbia) M- / M- U.S.'1982 SOLD
(great double-set documenting the BeBop dimension of Jazz from the mid-50's to the mid-70's with piano-wizards like Ray Bryant, Red Garland, Al Haig, Duke Jordan, Wynton Kelly, Barry Harris, Thelonious Monk, Tommy Flanagan, Mal Waldron, Cedar Walton, Sadik Hakim...; side 3 & 4 contain previously unreleased material; FOC w/liners by producer Henri Renaud;)
This Is The Funk! (Nektar) M / M D'1986 SOLD
(mid-80's german orig. print of fine sampler documenting the mid-80's New York Funk-scene w/ acts like Foreign Legion, IQ (the Intensity Quotient) Kelvynator, MG's Funk Posse, James White And The Black, Defunkt, Funktionaires, Liquid Hips, Prince Charles and the City Beat band; comes w/most infomative inner-sleeve that has pics, lyrics 'n line-ups!)
Ticino Musica (Gea) EX / EX CH'1982 SOLD
(early 80's print of scarce compilation album documenting the early 80's southern swiss Progressive-Rock scene w/following bands: Alther Ego, The Big Mouth, Nez, Fat Fredy's Time Generator; inner-sleeve has photos of the bands;)
Victory Music Revue Vol.1 (Victory Music) M- / M- U.S.'1986 65.00
(mid-80's U.S. small-label-press of compilation album presenting Singer/ Songwriters from the pacific-north-west in the early to mid-80's; feat. K. W. Todd, Klaus Lendzian, Baby Gramps, Neal Woodall, Ebb 'n Flo (feat. Susan Corey Smith) Kendra & Barry, Johnny Nestor...;)
Victory Music Revue Vol.2 (Victory Music) M- / M- U.S.'1986 65.00
(mid-80's U.S. small-label-press of compilation album presenting Singer/Songwriters from the pacific-north-west in the mid-80's; feat. Bill Davic, Derick Thomas, Jim Page, T. R. Ritchie, The Ferryboat Musicians, Hal Brooks, Threshold, Heidi Muller...;)
Warfrat Tales (Warfrat) M- / M- U.S.'1983 42.00
(9 bands from L.A. in the early 80's finding exposure here... The Rain Parade, The Point, The Last, Wednesday Week, 100 Flowers...; lyrics-insert-sheet; great label-design and a future rarity for sure...;)
Warfrat Tales (Warfrat) EX / EX U.S.'1983 33.00
(9 bands from L.A. in the early 80's finding exposure here... The Rain Parade, The Point, The Last, Wednesday Week, 100 Flowers...; lyrics-insert-sheet; great label-design and a future vinyl-rarity for sure...;)
The Whole Burbank Catalog (Warner Brothers) EX / EX U.S.'1972 SOLD
(orig. green-label double-compilation-set covering some early 70's Warner Brothers acts... Jerry Garcia, Beefheart, William Truckaway, Kenny Young, Arlo Guthrie, Allen Toussaint, Arthur Alexander, Alice Cooper, T. Rex, Jethro Tull...etc. has sheets w/photos 'n description attached on the inside of FOC;)
Woodstock - Moods & Moments (Prism) VG++ / EX U.S.'1975 42.00
(RARE mid-70's U.S. release of fine documentary on the early-to mid-70's scene of this legendary artists' colony & bohemia haven! ...Dylan, Van M. & Maria Muldaur (to name a few) have long departed but the activities goin' on can still be experienced on this album; feat. Jerry Moore (yep, that cat that released a fantastic album on ESP in '67!!) doin't an impressive ballad w/Chamber-Folk setting! Otis Smith sets up a shaky Rural-Folk-Rock thing w/"sitting on a mountain", The Woodstock Music Cooperative blows sails via windy Jazz-jammer lines on "bliss is ignorance" (great title by the way!!) "song of the hemp" by Dorothy Carter spreads spacey dulcimer colors to the spooky waftin' sounds of an arp synthesizer! comes in simple b&w card-board jacket w/odd drawing on front 'n photos plus line-up infos on the back; artefact  piece;...nice vinyl looks & plays EX to Near Mint; Cover with top-seam split (partly taped) spine taped for 11 cm (to prevent from splitting, in top left corner; 8 cm bottom-seam-split (middle) 3cm bottom-seam-split in right corner; light storage-/ring-wear on front and back; on front and back there's light discoloration along bottom-seams (looks like a water-damage) clean labels;)
Wyoming Bands Celebrate (West) EX / EX U.S.'1990 55.00
(1990 cassette-only release of local Wyoming bands/acts delivering fine lines of Country-Folk-Rock! Bruce Hauser & Sawmill Creek, West The Band, Blackwater Band, Beth McIntosh, Jeff Troxel, Ray (Doc) Acker, Val Geissler, Loose Ties, Mountain Meadow, Dennis Dyer, George Roberts and The Midnight Flyers!)
You Can All Join In (Island) EX / VG+ U.K.'1969 SOLD
(late 60's U.K. pink-label print of compilation album documenting that famous native label w/Jethro Tull, Spooky Tooth, John Martyn, Nirvana, Tramline, Art, Fairport Convention...etc; front-cover has a picture of the participating musicians!)
Zapped (Bizarre) EX / VG++ U.S.'1970 SOLD
(orig. U.S. blue-label print of sampler documenting the Bizarre Label w/ acts like Wildman Fisher, Tim Dawe, Judy Henske & Jerry Jester, The GTO's, Jeff Simmons, Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, Lord- and Tim Buckley, Alice Cooper, ...and of course ZAPAFRANK;)

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