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Artist Title (Label) Cover / Record / Co. Released Price CHF
Various Artists The ESP Sampler (Esp-Disk) M- / EX U.S.'1966 SOLD
(odd sampler on 60's sub-cult label; small excerpts from various releases put together... a real adventure to dive into! starts out w/Pearls Before Swine, cruises into pits of far-out jazz 'n free-form brew-ups (Albert Ayler, Henry Grimes Trio, Burton Greene Quartet...) captures some Beatniks while on hot-blooded ramble-spree(G.Corso.L.Ferlinghetti,Voznesensky...) and The Fugs close the mad-house; great color sleeve; w/ insert-sheet!)
The ESP Sampler (Esp-Disk) EX / EX U.S.'1966 SOLD
(odd sampler on 60's sub-cult label; small excerpts from various releases put together... a real adventure to dive into! starts out w/Pearls Before Swine, cruises into pits of far-out jazz 'n free-form brew-ups (Albert Ayler, Henry Grimes Trio, Burton Greene quartet...) ...captures some Beatniks while on hot-blooded ramble-spree(G.Corso, L. Ferlinghetti, Voznesensky...) and The Fugs close the mad-house; this is the 2nd (?) pressing in "Billy Holiday"-sleeve (her portrait is on the front cover!) and comes w/xeroxed insert-sheets that have comments on the songs and date of recording;)
Essential Attitudes Vol.3 (Refined) M- / M- U.S.'1988 SOLD
(late 80's U.S. sampler covering the Baltimore  late 80's  rockin'-'n-beyond-scene w/ such acts as The Church Mice, Swilltones, Bad Math, The Eunuchs, The Difference, The Melvyn, The Paisley Zone, Medea...; has an inner-sleeve w/info on the bands;)
Farewell To The Roxy (Lightning) M- / EX U.K.'1978 SOLD
(farewell concerts at famous U.K. late 70's Punk/Rock club feat. The U.K. Subs, Blitz, The Jets, The Bears, Plastix, Open Sore, Billy Karloff & the Goats...;)
The First Great Rock Festivals Of The Seventies (Columbia) EX / EX U.S.'197 SOLD
(nice triple-fold 3-lp-set documenting the early 70's festival scene: Isle of Wight & The Atlanta Pop Festival! ...feat. Jimi Hendrix, The Allman Brothers, Sly & The Family Stone, Miles Davis, Ten Years After,  Cactus, Mountain...;)
Flower Power (CBS) EX / EX D'1989 SOLD
(late 80's german double-pack documenting the 60's Flower-Power  era (--) with acts/bands like Scott Mckenzie, The Mamas & Papas, The Byrds, The Move, The Rascals, Lemon Pipers, The Lovin' Spoonful, Melanie, Donovan, Canned Heat, J. Airplane, Burdon, Hendrix and many more;)
Folk (Pepsi) EX / EX NL'1975 SOLD
(orig. holland print of mid-70's compilation album covering the swiss Songwriter/Folk-scene w/acts like Ernst Born, Chris,Max Lässer, Skibbereen...; sung in native tongue (swiss-german & french) Toni Vescoli contributed the liner-notes;)
The Folk Box (Elektra) M- / M- U.S.'197 SOLD
(early 70's butterfly-label reprint of deluxe 4-Lp box set (w/48 page booklet insert!!) covering the late 50's/ 60's recorded Folk-artists;)
Folk Song And Minstrelsy (Vanguard/The Classics Record Library) EX / EX U.S.'1962 SOLD
(very rare early 60's release of 4-Lp box-set (w/HUGE booklet-insert) containing 66 songs from the late 50's/early 60's; acts feat. Joan Baez, The Deller Consort, Bob Gibson, Cisco Houston, Leon Bibb, Ronnie Gilbert, Tom Makem, Odetta (!), John Jacob Niles...;)
Folksongs '65 (Elektra) EX / EX U.S.'1965 SOLD
(RARE mid-60's U.S. release of Folk/ Singer-Songwriter compilation presenting artists on Elektra (the 15th anniversary of this important label that has been an integral part of the american Folk-Music scene from the beginning!) Tom Rush, Judy Collins, Phil Ochs, Bruce Murdoch, Dick Rosmini, Hamilton Camp, Kathy & Carol, Fred Neil, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band; gold guitar-player label!! nice shape!)
Garage Punk Switzerland (Voodoo Rhythm) M- / M- CH'1993 Sold
(early 90's sampler covering swiss-only neo-Garage-Punk/Beat bands... the likes of Los Legos, Burp, The (fabulous) REACTION, The Flying Shrimps, The Coronets, Bishops Daughter, The Glorias...; comes w/ a pile of inserts as almost every band wanted to have their own flyer!)
Garden Of Delights (Elektra) EX / EX U.K.'1971 SOLD
("the year is 1954. ...While Vice President of the United States Richard M. Nixon is vigorously making speeches promising that the Eisenhower Administration will minimize America's involvement in the Far East, and while most americans are glueing their eyes to TV screens to watch the antics of a man they call Uncle Milty, or going to the movies to see Bing Crosby in "White Christmas", or listening to the years number one hit song "secret love" as sung by Doris Day, Elektra Records, then it its fourth year, is putting out a simply packaged 10-inch disc entitled "A Folk Music Sampler". Billed as "Outstanding Folk and Ethnic Recordings", it is the very first sampler in the entire record industry! artists appearing on it include Cynthia Gooding, Hally Wood and Tom Paley. There is no fanfare, no hysteria, no dancing in the streets... after all, it's only 1954! .... now, some twenty years later the 10" format sampler has been beamed up into a twelve-inch-triple-album- set containing some of the label's flung-outs (w/focus on the more "undergroundish" releases... there's no DOORS-song included here!!) ...from the mid- to the late 60's... it's Rock-Music, electric Folk-Rock, white-boy Blues- (Rock)Progressive- (Folk) -Rock and Pop plus Psychedelia... all sorta sounds the kids of the 60's were furiously dancing too... either at concerts, 'round the turntable in their privacy or to the radio/tv... and after some thirtyplusyears later the dancing is still goin' strong... on some different level, fueled by the reverberations these 3 discs (for example) ARE evolving!! has a beauty sleeve design and the three inner-sleeves have all different colors and bear some infos to the bands/ acts contained! butterfly-label-print;)
Gathering At The Depot (Beta) M- / EX U.S.'1970 SOLD
(on Sunday, September 13, 1970, 1400 people gathered at The Depot in Minneapolis to get it on w/ the top bands of the aerea; eleven of these bands are presented on this LP! performances all the way rangin' from FUNKY rural Roadhouse Rock-jams w/swirly organ 'n fuzz-axe shots to Hard-rockin' grits 'n some R&B; boss-version of "16 tons" by THUNDERTREE (a band that released an album on "Roulette rec." and feat. Billy Hallquist who released 2 fascinating Folk-(Rock) albums later in the 70's!) the band GRIZZLY tries their wits on "get out of my life woman", LITTER closes the barn w/ a furious fuzz-box chillin' Rock-out! CHESTERFIELD GATHERING covers "take me to the sunrise" (orig. by The Blues Image) recording quality is superb!! a great documentary on the late 60's/early 70's Minneapolis Rock scene! top shape!)
Gathering At The Earl Of Old Town (Dunwich) M- / M- U.S.'1970 SOLD
(very rare & beautiful compilation album covering the late 60's/early 70's Chicago Coffeehouse-Folk-scene w/acts/bands playin' the legendary Earl Of Old Town club! feat. Steve Goodman doin' a great version of "City Of New Orleans" (different version to the one on his self-titled album!!) plus "eight ball" and a weed-hister-glory-ragged-hoe-downer piece called "Chicago bust rag"; Ed Holstein does his original "Jazzman" (a song that got covered by Tom Rush & Steve Goodman (on his self-titled album) Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah perform "for Eddie" (I think this is the same version as can be heard on their "Ampex Records"debut-album (?) ...2 songs by Jim Post; Ginni Clemmens cooks up some wild-west womanhood on "wild women don't have the blues"; the cover is a beauty, thick FOC w/pics of the acts on back; inside has a large picture of the inside of The Earl Of Old Town w/ Big Bill Broonzy's guitar (lent from the Old Town School of Folk Music thru' the courtesy of Mrs. Rose Broonzy) sitting on a barstool as the only guest!!!)
Genesis - The Beginnings Of Rock (Chess) EX / EX U.S.'197 SOLD
(70's U.S. orig. 4-Lp box-set w/HUGE booklet insert; a documentation of 20th Century Blues... the very roots of Rock-Music!)
Going To California (JSP) M- / M- U.K.'1984 SOLD
(mid-80's U.K. print of fine sampler documenting the U.S. post-World War II West Coast Blues scene w/acts like Sugarcane Harris, Cleo Page, Monica Dupont, Model T Slim, Roy Brown, Don & Dewey, Billy Thomas, Little Boyd;)
Happy To Be A Part Of The Industry Of Human Happiness (Immediate) VG++ / VG++ U.K.'1969 SOLD
(late 60's rose-label print of compilation album documenting the british Immediate Label w/ acts like Albert Lee, Amen Corner, Fleetwood Mac, Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page (doin' "tribute to Elmore")Humble Pie, Nice, Small Faces...; khool front-sleeve;)
Heartland U.S.A. (Prairie Sun) EX / EX / Co. U.S.'1981 75.00
(late 70's/early 80's bands/acts from Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin battlin' each other on this fine compilation; all studio trax ranging from kick-ass Southern Rock (Dave Chastain Band and the L. Skynyrd influenced Shatter... which got a funky flow levitatin' w/fluid lead-guit runs!) to the country-rockin' Faustus w/ boss steel-pedal/ violin interplays and the surf-punk swept The Jerks... good stuff on this scarce privat-press;)
The History Of Vancouver Rock & Roll Vol.4 (VRCA) M / M- Can'198 SOLD
(great sampler covering the 60's Vancouver scene; housed in beauty Bob Masse psychedelic-art sleeve and has a most descriptive booklet!bands like Mock Duck, The One Way Street, The Look, The Collectors, Silver Chalice Revue, Spring, The Eternal Triangle, The Northwest Company...;)
Home Grown (KGB) EX / EX U.S.'1977 SOLD
(late 70's U.S. compilation-album documenting the early 70's San Diego musical community; a smokin' mix-bag of West-Coast Pop khool w/laid-back Folk-Rock, Bluegrass spurts, drowsed hipster-moods...; Gary Narramore & Friends spills the beans via lofty, hill-charmer steel-pedal driven Country-Rock w/loose moonshiner wits on the great "a bagful of avocados and a bottle full of wine", "forever flying" by a band called Mojave is racin', melodicWest-Coast Rock-out w/ killer fuzz-guitar leads! ...other acts/bands include Main Sail, C. J. Hutton, Blue Wind, Valerie Foremost, Squatter's last rites...; nice card-board-jacket w/most deescriptive notes on the back; has an inner-sleeve;)
Home Grown (KGB) M- / EX U.S.'1973 SOLD
(early 70's U.S. compilation-album documenting the early 70's San Diego musical community; mostly loose 'n wheelin' Country-Folk-Rock acts than run by names like Bud Lang, Country Dick & City Slick, Bootleg, Hebadia Blues Band, Silver Tooth & Wolf, Montezumas Revenge (this band has a few albums released), Rose & the Arrangement, Island...; has a beautiful art-work on front cover w/descriptive liner-notes on back;)
Home Grown (KGB-108) M- / EX U.S.'1974 SOLD
(mid-70's U.S. compilation-album documenting the Sacramento Folk/Rock scene of the early 70's; ...a place that has never been taken seriously (in the late 60's/early 70's) due perhaps to bein' only a two hour freeway cruise away from the Bay Area! ...a city that spawned Sly Stone(!) Jack Traylor & Steelwind,  Redwing, Cotton & Mud, Long Richard, SactoTomb Crawlers... (none of these featured on this album) ...a solid bag of loose Folk/Rock w/some blues... kickin' off w/ a ringin' acoustic tune by a Folk-duo named Iris & Tom Messina, lotsa Coffeehouse-typo stringin' 'n pluckin' by Steve Cook & Bob Baker, Wesley Hamilton, Jeffrey Goodrich.... plus a rattlin' bay ridge sound-infected spiker w/loose-vibrating, jangly guitar sound by some youngsters calling themselves Obvious-Lee! great Jugendstil-Art card-board-jacket!! ...liners on back-sleeve;)
Hoosier Hotshots (Epilogue) M / M- U.S.'199 55.00
(early 90's U.S. release of great sampler documenting the 60's Indiana Garage-Punk/Folk/Psychedelic-scene! bands like XL's, Cirkit, The Ferris Wheel, Sir Winston & The Commons (this is early ANONYMOUS!) Blues Inc., The Endd, Idle Few, Mere Image, Dukes...; comes w/informative insert-sheets;)
Jazz At The Hollywood Bowl (Verve) M- / M- F'198 SOLD
(french double-album-reprint of that legendary concert held at The Hollywood Bowl in 1956! ...starring Buddy Rich, Roy Eldridge, Art Tatum, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Ray Brown, Oscar Peterson...; FOC;)
Keep It To Yourself-Arkansas Blues Vol.1 (Rooster) M- / M- U.S.'1983 SOLD
(early 80's U.S. compilation album documenting the mid-70's Arkansas-Blues-scene w/solo-performings by W. C. Clay, Willie Wright, Willie Moore, Trenton Cooper, Herbert Wilson, CeeDell Davis, a lady by the name of Reola Jackson, Nelson Carson, Mack White; great liners & info on the artists on back sleeve by Louis Guida; has the label-insert-sheet;)
Lights Out (Blue Thumb) EX / EX U.S.'1972 SOLD
(famous San Francisco based producer presents rare tracks by John Lee Hooker (title track is a gas!!) Dan Hicks...; plenty of fine Rock Jazz w/funky leanings by Cold Blood members joining hands plus some rather exciting turkish ethno-perco jams (by Fadil Shahin, Vince Delgado & Jalal) rounding this double-set up for a very special documentary on the early 70's bay area sounds; FOC;)
Live At Club Zayante (Red) EX / VG++ U.S.'1973 125.00
(Sampler covering the San Lorenzo Coffee-house scene takin' place at the club Zayante in the early 70's; feat. One Hand Clapping that has Jerry Miller of Moby Grape in the line-up; other acts include George, George and David doin' acoustic renditions of songs like "mama tried", "friend of the devil", "I shall be released"(!) Jill Croston, Boogie Bruce...; very home-made job and the cover has the looks; nice shape!...Vinyl plays nice EX to Near Mint with light surface noise due to pressing; Cover with 5cm top-seam taped in right corner (to prevent from split) bumps in corners; small spot of tear and sticker-residue on back (in top-right corner) MINIMAL to ZERO storage-wear; clean labels; pics available.)
Live At The Rat (Rat) EX / EX U.S.'1976 SOLD
(mid-70's U.S. release of LIVE doubl set documenting the mid-70's Boston Punk-rockin'/Pop/garage-scene; feat. The Infliktors, The Boize, Sass, DMZ, The Real Kids, Third Rail, Thundertrain...; FOC w/pics of bands on inside;)
Living Country Blues USA,vol.10 (L+R) EX / EX D'1982 SOLD
(german compilation documenting the Blues' Country-Boogie edge w/ acts like Guitar Slim, Lottie Murrell, Arzo Youngblood, Memphis Piano Red, Pinetop Smith, Bowling Green John, Cora Fluker...;)
Living Country Blues USA,vol.7 (L+R) EX / EX D'1980 SOLD
(german compilation documenting the Blues' Afro-American roots w/ acts like Othar Turner, Lonnie Pitchford, Napoleon Strickland, Cora Fluker, Walter Brown...;)
Looney Tunes (Warner Brothers) VG++ / VG+(+) U.S.'1970 SOLD
(orig. U.S. green-label-print of nice 3-Lp-box-set presenting label-acts... The Youngbloods, Beaver & Krause, Pearls Before Swine, Turley Richards, The Grateful Dead, Performance (Mick Jagger) Ry Cooder, Randy Newman... etc. ....comes w/large booklet containing photos and lotsa descriptive notes;)
Love,Peace & Poetry (Q.D.K.Media) M- / M- D'1997 SOLD
(90's german compilation of 60's/early 70's Latin American Psychedelic Music feat. bands like Almendra, Laghonia, Traffic Sound, Dug Dug's, Kissing Spell, Ladies W. C. ...; great FOC w/pretty californian teen-girl on cover and the sleeves of the albums (from which the tracks are taken from) are pictured on the wall on inside of FOC; vinyl is multi-color;)
Love,Peace & Poetry (Q.D.K.Media) M- / M- D'1997 SOLD
(90's german compilation of 60's/early 70's U.S. american Psychedelic Music feat. bands/acts like Lazy Smoke, Michael Angelo, Zerfas, Brain Police, New Dawn, Hunger, Arcesia, Darius...; great FOC w/pretty californian teen-girl on cover and the sleeves of the albums (from which the tracks are taken from) are pictured on the wall on inside of FOC; vinyl is multi-color;)
Made In Cornwall (Cornish Legend Music) EX / EX U.K.'1976 225.00
(mid-70's U.K.privat-press of darn scarce sampler covering the early- to mid-70's cornish scene w/ bands/ acts such as Pheasant Pluckers, Damien & The Bell Ringers, Pair of Aces... plus the fantastic ARK (no relation to bands of the same name!!) whose "living in comfort" overflows w/juicy flashes of vulcan-gas bred bandersnatchin' cannabliss-dom (if ya' get what I mean..)... a rare & fascinating piece of vinyl!)
Mariposa Folk Festival 1975 (Mariposa) EX / EX Can'1976 SOLD
(orig. canadian release of double-set documenting the Mariposa Festival held at Toronto Islands in '75; acts/bands feat. Willie P. Bennett, The Boys of the Lough, David Bromerg, John Allan Cameron, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Rita MacNeil, Kate & Anna McGarrigle, The Original Sloth Band... 'n many more; comes w/ huge insert- sheet tryin' to rend a full picture; FOC plastered w/plenty of b&w pics;)
Mariposa Folk Festival 1976 (Mariposa) EX / EX Can'1977 SOLD
(orig. canadian release of double-set documenting the Mariposa Festival held at Toronto Islands in '76; acts/bands feat. Steve Goodman, Taj Mahal, Roscoe Holcomb, Bernice Reagon, Humber River Valley Boys, Strange Creek Singers...; nice, thick FOC;)
Michigan Rocks (Seeds & Stems) VG++ / VG++ U.S.'1977 SOLD
(compilation of bands from the late 60's & 70's out of Michigan, U.S.; Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes, Mitch Ryder, Third Power, SRC, The Rationals, Frost, MC5, The Stooges, The Bob Seeger System...; FOC w/ hot pics on inner-fold;)
Monsters Of The Midwest Vol.1 (No Label) EX / EX U.S.'198 52.00
(80's cassette-only release of great sampler chock-full o' drivin' 60's gems from the U.S. Midwest Garageland!! The Rumble LTD., The Classmen, The Chevrons, The Beach Niks, The Fab Four, The Blue Things, West Ministr's ("sister Jane") The Blazers, The Morticians, The Catalinas, Burlington Express(!) Morning Dew, Chesmann Square, Yellow Hair, The Red Dogs, Young Aristocracy; comes with booklet that has khool photos 'n comments;)
Music From Santa Cruz Vol.1 (Aardvark) M- / EX U.S.'1978 325.00
(late 70's orig. U.S. release of fine compilation album documenting the mid- to late 70's Santa Cruz music scene; mostly Folk-(Rock) dimension w/loose, easy going vibes; artists featured incl. Jan Luby, Donny Turner, Greg Sonnleitner(his 3 contributions are excellent 12-string-guitar conducted athmo-sprees w/dobro, piano e-guitar, harmonica) Paul Butler, Gary Morris, Ted & Kathy Ellis, Peter Curry, Loretta Rawls & Walt Gafvert; sleeve is a beautiful drawing (etching?) created by Brian Kotch; rare item;...Clean Vinyl looks barely played; Cover is nice with 5cm top-seam-split/fray (middle) ; small spot of discoloration in upper-right corner (removed price-tag) light bump in bottom-right corner; clean labels; back-cover- & label-pics is from this copy;..comes with 64-page small pocket book in VG+ shape, entitled 'Music In Santa Cruz, Issue Number One' (June,July, August 1976, published quarterly by Richard Curtis) ...package/bundle price here.)
The Nemperor Line (Nemperor) EX / VG++ U.S.'1975 SOLD
(mid-70's U.S. promo-only release of sampler documenting the Nemperor label w/Fusion/ Jazz-Rock acts such as Raices, Tommy Bolin, Jan Hammer, Lenny White and Stanley Clarke;)
New Gold Dream - The Compilation (Factory/Subway) M / M U.K.'1997 55.00
(90's cassette-only compilation w/ acts from the british Factory/ Subway label; no info given on bands 'n acts... just the music, which is tech-no-ID passion play w/a solemn fatigue;)
New Orleans Rhythm & Blues (Rhino) M / M- U.S.'1987 SOLD
(U.S. 80's compilation documenting the New Orleans R&B scene from 1959 to 1958 feat. Shirley & Lee, Bobby Charles, Guitar Slim & his Band, Roy Byrd a.k.a. Professor Longhair, Earl King, Lloyd Price...;)
The New Sound - Underground (Vanguard) M- / M- D'1969 SOLD
(late 60's german sampler covering one of the 60's most adventurous labels: VANGUARD! bands feat. here: NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND, ELIZABETH, CIRCUS MAXIMUS, COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH, 31st OF FEBRUARY; nice laminated jacket w/photo-collage of bands on back-cover; bright brown label print;)
Nice Enough To Eat (Island) EX / EX U.K. SOLD
(orig. U.K. pink-label print of nice compilation covering the late 60's/early 70's british (Prog)-Rock/Folk-scene w/ acts like Fairport Convention, Spooky Tooth, Nick Drake, Free, Blodwyn Pig, Traffic, King Crimson... all prev. released save a killer track by Heavy Jelly that appeared later on in the 80's on a full album on the U.K. "Psycho"-label!)
Nightmares From The Underworld Vol.2 (Underworld) EX / EX U.S.'198 SOLD
(rare U.S. compilation documenting the 60's canadian Garage-Punk scene feat. Quid, Expedition to Earth, Northwest Company, Underworld ("bound") Satan & the D Men,
Purple Haze...etc... quite a killer package!)
Non-Dairy Creamer. (Warner Brothers) EX / EX U.S.'1971 SOLD
(orig. U.S. green-label print of compilation set presenting Warner Brothers acts... John & Beverley Martin, Jeffrey Cain, Ron Nagle, Zephyr, Tony Joe White, Peter Green, Curved Air, Rosebud (feat. Judy Henske) Little Feat...;)
Northwest By Request(12 By 12) (Valane) EX / EX U.S.'1981 65.00
(orig. U.S. release of fine sampler that covers the late 70's U.S. Northwest Rock-music scene w/ bands/ acts like Pitchblende, Sleeping Village, Crash & Buffalo, Born Free, Chinook, Rocking Horse, Adam Wind, Shirley Lorene...; roadhouse-rockin', West Coasty moods w/blooz 'n jazzy angles;...Vinyl looks barely played...plays EX to Near Mint; Cover is EX to Near Mint with light traces of storage-wear (rubbing) on front (along opening) bumps in corners; 7 cm fray in bottom-seam (middle) Side 1 of label has a spot of tear and sticker residue;)
La Nueva Canciòn Chilena (AWA) EX / EX D'1985 SOLD
(german print of various artists album documenting the 80's Singer-Songwriter scene in Chile; Isabel Parra, Angel Parra, Patricio Manns, Tiempo Nuevo, Inti Illimani...;)
Okeh Soul (Epic) EX / EX U.S.'1982 SOLD
(early 80's U.S. release of double-set documenting that famous Okeh-Label w/ Soul recordings from the early to the mid-60's; incl. acts like Artistics, Vibrations, Walter Jackson, Major Lance, Billy Butler & The Enchanters and Opals; FOC w/ liners on inside;)
Okeh Western Swing (Epic) EX / EX U.S.'1982 SOLD
(early 80's U.S. release of double-set documenting that famous Okeh-Label w/ recordings from the 20's to the 50's; incl. some prev. released material; FOC w/ liners on inside;)

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