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Artist Title (Label) Cover / Record / Co. Released Price CHF
Hip Lankchan I Am On My Way (MCM) EX / EX F'1976 SOLD
(orig. french print of hot mid-70's recordings by these Chicago Blues cats w/ Hip & Jimmy Miller on guitars, cover of Lowell Fulson's "black nights", Fenton Robinson's "somebody loan me a dime";)
Original Westside Chicago Blues Guitar (JSP) M- / M- U.K.'1980 Sold
(orig. U.K. print of 1963 recordings by this Chicago Blues Guitar cat session-recordings from 1976 incl. the hot instrumental "bright lights city jam", "millionaire's Blues" & "confusion blues" are famous post war Chicago-Blues classics;)
Sammy Lawhorn After Hours (Isabel) M- / M- F'1980 Sold
(first solo-effort by long-time guitarist for The Muddy Waters Blues Band... and a simply striking bag of songs we have here! sublime version of Zawinul's "mercy,mercy,mercy", "mean old world", "work out fine" (Ike & Tina Turner)... all-instrumental w/Johnny Dollar on rhythm-guitar, Nick Charles(b) and Roosevelt "Snake" Shaw on drums; french print;)
Leadbelly From The Last Sessions (Verve Folkways) M- / M- U.S.'1965 SOLD
(mid-60's U.S. white-label promo Mono print (special disc jockey record!) containing highlights of a monumental & historical session takin' place in 1948! incl. "hesitation blues", "the midnight special", "easy rider"...;)
Last Sessions Part Four (Folkways) VG+ / VG+ U.S.'1962 SOLD
(early 60's orig. release of part 4 of those monumental sessions dating back to 1948 (a year before this americana Blues/Folk legend passed away...) incl. "Irene", "in the evening when the sun goes down", "house of the rising sun";)
Last Sessions Volume One (Folkways) M- / M- U.S.'1962 SOLD
(nice 2Lp box-set w/insert-booklet; blue label MONO print;)
Last Sessions Volume Two (Folkways) M- / M- U.S.'1962 SOLD
(nice 2Lp box-set w/insert-booklet; blue label MONO print;)
The Legend Of (International Joker Prod.) M / M I'1982 SOLD
(early 80's italian issue of compiled songs by this legendary U.S. Country-Blues picker/singer assisted by Josh White and Sonny Terry; incl. "goodnight Irene", "John Hardy", "how long" (w/Sonny Terry)
Lafayette Leake Feel So Blue (Black & Blue) M- / M- F'1978 SOLD
(late 70's orig. french print of fine piano-driven, Boogie rollin grooves recorded in France w/John Littlejohn on guitar, Nick Holt(b) & Fred Below on drums; incl. "train boogie", "fast boogie No.2";)
Huddie Ledbetter Good Morning Blues (RCA) EX / EX U.K.'196 SOLD
(orig. U.K. mid-60's black-label mono print of vintage recordings from 1940 by this most influental americana Blues/Folk figure a.k.a. Leadbelly! 4 songs recorded w/ the Golden Gate Quartet; incl. "Alabama bound", "midnight special", "Roberta"...;)
Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom Same (Demon) M- / M- U.K.'1986 SOLD
(mid-80's Austin, Tx recorded southern U.S. R&B petaled rockin' shoot-out feat. Ronnie Earl, Kim Wilson, Jimmy Vaughan, Wayne Bennet and Ron Levy on organ & piano; w/brass! orig. U.K.issue of Black Top release (in the States)
Mance Lipscomb Texas Sharecropper And Songster (Arhoolie) EX / EX U.S.'196 SOLD
(late 60's orig. U.S. release of 1960 (at the age of 65) recordings by legendary black, texan Blues stringer 'n singer; incl. "baby please don't go", "Jack o'diamonds is a hard card to play", "bout a spoonful"; comes w/large booklet-insert w/vast liner-rumbles by Mack McCormick; ...quite a scarce piece o' vinyl!)
Trouble In Mind (Reprise) EX / EX U.S.'196 SOLD
(mid-60's orig. U.S. MONO print w/rare tri-color (blue/tan/green!!)label; Mance was born, raised and has lived almost his entire life in the cottonbelt community centering around Navasota, Texas. a Gi-and-Market town on the Brazos river.
"Mance's songs strike individual moods, never basking in self-pity nor serving merely as vehicles for personal mannerisms. they range from dance-fetching gaiety to the stark personal statement, encompassing the best and the most compelling in his tradition, a tradition that is one of the treasures of American folkways. Of the hundreds of songsters I have heard and recorded, Mance Lipscomb is the one of extraordinary stature. Out of his hearty spirit comes a great capacity for song and for entertaining his neighbors. This record is the fruit of a gentle man's life, which now includes all of us among his neighbors" (from the liner-notes by Mack McCormick)
"Alabama bound", "night time is the right time" ...and title-track of course; great photo sleeve showin' the artist hangin' out on his front-porch;)
Vol.5 (Arhoolie) EX / VG++ U.S.'1971 SOLD
(early 70's orig. U.S. release of late 60's (at the age of 75) recordings by legendary black, texan Blues stringer 'n singer; accompanied by additional guitar, bass 'n some drums; incl." haunted house blues", "blues in the bottle", "black gal"...;)
Little Walter Boss Blues Harmonica (Chess) EX / EX U.S.'1972 SOLD
(early 70's U.S. double-set covering the life 'n times of the most influental harmonica-wizard (...and singer w/ a very distintive vocal-style!) coming out of the post-war Chicago Blues movement; ...he paid his dues w/ the Muddy Waters Band (in the early 50's) of such classics as "mean old world", "blues with a feeling", "you're so fine"...; FOC w/liners by Pete Welding & Ted Amber created an impressive cover-art!)
Little Willie Littlefield Paris Streetlights (Paris Album) M / M- F'1980 SOLD
(orig. french print of full album recorded in 1980 in France; great timeless athmo-packed pluckin' by this Texas-born Barrelhouse-Boogie-Piano cat (having his heyday in the late 40's) influenced by Amos Milburn; solo-spree... just his piano 'n voice... tasty ballads 'n racing knee-trembler goods;)
Volume 1 (ACE) EX / EX U.K.'1980 SOLD
(U.K. 10" album release of rare recordings by this Texas-born Barrelhouse-Boogie-Piano cat; many tracks taken from acetates originally recorded for the L.A. Modern records in the late 40's of the 20th century; 4 tracks have never been released before!! full-band venture w/bass, sax 'n guitar; notes on the back-sleeve;)
Volume 2 (ACE) EX / EX U.K.'1981 SOLD
(U.K. 10" album release of rare recordings by this Texas-born Barrelhouse-Boogie-Piano cat influenced by Amos Milburn; 5 more prev. unreleased tracks from the vaults of Modern Records in L.A. plus rare acetates/ 78rpm tracks; ...most notable for some fine guitar licks by Charles Norris;)
John Littlejohn So-Called Friends (Rooster Blues) EX / EX U.S.'1985 Sold
(mid-80's U.S. orig. print of hot Chicago-Blues platter by Elmore James influenced axe-man who sure can lay down some tasty slide-jobs; Eddie Taylor on guitar, Sam Lay plays some drums, A. C. Reed is featured in the brass-section;
Sweet Little Angel (Black & Blue) M- / M- F'1978 SOLD
(late 70's orig. french print of hot Chicago-Blues platter by Elmore James influenced axe-man who sure can lay down some tasty slide-jobs; on Junior Parker's "next time you see me" you'll hear the remarkable Alabama Junior on 2nd guitar! Lafayette Leake on piano...; incl. "dust my broom", title-track is by B. B. King;)
Lonesome Sundown Been Gone Too Long (Sonet) EX / EX U.K.'1980 SOLD
(late 70's resurrection of legendary figure from the 50's 'n 60's Louisiana Blues-scene (performing w/ Slim Harpo & Clifton Chenier) ...Cornelius Green a.k.a. Lonesome Sundown delivers a vibrating bag of dual-guitar shaken Blues (Philip Walker cranks the other axe) ...mostly slow 'n easy ...mere southern cookin'... magically sleazy!)
Lonesome Sundown & Phillip Walker
From LA. To L.A. (Rounder) M- / M- U.S.'1982 SOLD
(two legendary figures from the 50's 'n 60's Louisiana/Texas Blues-scene (backing Clifton Chenier in the mid-50's!) ...keepin' the spirit alive over all these years! recordings range from the late 60's to the early 80's! ...w/brass-arrangements;)
Loose Lips My Past Life Has Gone (Appaloosa) EX / EX I'1980 SOLD
(early 80's italian press of soulful West-Coasty Blues-Rock w/relaxed barstool swayer moods, femme lead-voice, electric-guitar w/slide, drums, bass, violin, mandolin, harmonica...; covers of "so fine" (Johnny Otis), " if I can't have you" (Etta James)
Clayton Love Mississippi Music,Mud & Misery (Flash Back) M- / M- U.S.'197 Sold
(late 70's (?) U.S. release of HOT live-album recorded at The Carousel (in St.Louis?) by legendary, southern piano-man & vocalist; assisted by Eugene Washington on drums, George Brazier (b) and Nat Riggins on guitar; cover of "St-Louis Blues", "key to the highway"; on "introduction" (7:04) Clayton runs down a list of Mississippi-Delta born Blues legends in a most solemn/captivating way!)
Willie James Lyons Chicago Woman (Isabel) M / M F'1980 Sold
(late 70's french issue of studio recordings (in Paris, France) by Chicago-Blues quintet feat. Willie James & Jimmy Johnson on guitars, Odie Payne on drums, Big Moose Walker (p) Big Mojo Ellem (b) incl. "hoochie coochie man", "cut you lose", "rock me baby" (B.B.King)
Ghetto (MCM) M- / M- F'1976 SOLD
(mid-70's french issue of LIVE recording by Chicago-Blues quintet feat. Willie James & Big Guitar Red on guitars (Luther Johnson joins w/ another axe on 2 selections!) Tyron Smith on drums, Willie Kent cranks the bass & sings; ...kicks off w/ "little red rooster"... "dust my broom"...;)

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