Blues H

Artist Title (Label) Cover / Record / Co. Released Price CHF
John Hammond Same (Vanguard) EX / M- U.S.'1963 75.00
(orig. brown/gold-label stereo-print of striking debut album by premier U.S. Blues-man accompanying himself on the guitar & mouth-harp... opens up w/ "two trains running", "mean old Frisco", "see that my grave is kept clean" ...the spirit of THE WOLF gets carried on here...;)
Same (Vanguard) EX / M- / Co. U.S.'1963 110.00
(rare red-label-MONO-print of striking debut album by premier U.S. Blues-man accompanying himself on the guitar & mouth-harp... opens up w/ "two trains running", "mean old Frisco", "see that my grave is kept clean" ...the spirit of THE WOLF gets carried on here...;)
Shake For Me/I'm Tore Down/ (Atlantic) / EX U.S.'196 SOLD
(RARE white/red (promo?) label press of 60's single by legendary Blues-master;)
Solo (Vanguard) EX / EX / Co. U.S.'1976 SOLD
(strong solo-effort in the mid-70's; "wish you would", "mojo working", "Ican't be satisfied"; recorded LIVE in the studio;)
Jessie Mae Hemphill She-Wolf (Blues Today) M- / EX F'1981 Sold
(early 80's french print in the series of Living Mississippi Blues! e-guitar-strummin native Choctaw indian-lady burning trails w/tribal tambourine accompaniments plus some additional guitar 'n percussion! this bloozed she-wolf is influenced by Howlin' Wolf & John lee Hooker... so you get some idea what to expect here!)
Bugs Henderson Group Still Flyin' (Flying High) SS / SS U.S.'1981 75.00
(early 80's effort by hi-voltage texas-Blues-Rockin' gang w/steel-guitar by Tom Morrell; cover of Freddie King's "hideaway", this dude cooks!!)
Still Flyin' (Flying High) M- / M- U.S.'1981 55.00
(early 80's effort by hi-voltage texas-Blues-Rockin' gang w/steel-guitar by Tom Morrell; cover of Freddie King's "hideaway", this dude cooks!!)
Z.Z. Hill Final Appearance (Kent) SS / SS U.S.'1984 SOLD
(mid-80's U.S. compilation/obituary w/prev. unreleased tracks; ...bloozed Southern-Soul;)
Final Appearance (Kent) M / M U.S.'1984 SOLD
(mid-80's U.S. compilation/obituary w/prev. unreleased tracks; ...bloozed Southern-Soul;)
Graham Hine Bottleneck Blues (Blue Goose) VG++ / VG+(+) U.S.'197 SOLD
(scarce U.S. print from the early 70's (?) of down-rootsy americana-styled guitar-pluckin' w/voice; Hine is a 21 year old british bottleneck-guitar virtuoso who achieved the slickness & assurance of a veteran in only 4 years!! ...he's able tp play the lost "dragging style" ...a finger behind the bottleneck so as to stifle harmonic overtones! ..."mobile central line", "when you got a good friend", "bluebird blues"...; his voice rides the magic of the Deep South! great cover having a picture of the artist w/dobro in hand 'n that white-boy swamp-fox look in his eyes!)
Silas Hogan The Godfather (BSW) M- / M- U.K.'1988 SOLD
(orig. U.K. print of late 80's recordings by 78 years old living "low down Blues"-legend from Baton Rouge, Louisiana; ...when Howlin' Wolf was out on Dockery's plantation learning to play guitar from Charlie Patton and Robert Johnson was playing on the streets of Clarksdale, Silas was already out there doing it! later on he made a series of 8 records for Excello, that established him as one of the finest Bluesmen in Louisiana Style... a potent amalgam of classic Jimmy Reed and Lightning Hopkins... a guitar-style like drawing honey from a bumblebee in flight! (..lines above partly taken from the liner-notes(to this album) by Julian Piper who also plays some guitar on this album!)
Billie Holiday The Lady Lives (Esp-Disk) EX / VG++ U.S.'196 SOLD
(scarce late 60's issue on this 6T's cult-label; live recordings from the late 40's & early 50's by the first lady of the Blues! thick FOC w/ two most-expressive portraits of her!!)
Lyin' Joe Holley So Cold In The U.S.A. (JSP) M / M U.K.'1982 SOLD
(early 80's U.K. print of most refreshing piano-Blues by black 30's/40's Boogie piano styled vocalist recorded live in a barber's shop(!) in the Chicago ghetto in '77 by George Paulus (who also wrote the liner-notes)
Groove Holmes & Jimmy Witherspoon
Groovin' And Spoonin' The Blues (Olympic) EX / EX U.S.'1973 SOLD
(70's reprint of hot 60's album laden w/ Gospel-groovin' vibes spread by Witherspoon' voice, khool organ lines, full-band venture... back-sleeve states no line-up though:)
Roosevelt Holts Presenting The Country Blues (Blue Horizon) M / M- U.S.'1969 SOLD
(late 60's orig. U.S. print in top shape of low-down rootsy, deep Country-Blues pickin' 'n singin' by a legendary cat in the field; his mid-sixties when recording this, his voice is still strong & clear & his finger still move over the guitar w/ confidence; well, still in his prime as an artist & performer! he had some partnership w/ Tommy Johnson  in Jackson, Mississippi in the late 30's; some songs from around that time got picked up again by Roosevelt for this mighty fine album... "Big Road Blues", Maggie Campbell blues", "prison bound blues"...; all songs recorded in '66 in Louisiana!)
Earl Hooker 2 Bugs And A Roach (Arhoolie) VG++ / EX F'1968 SOLD
(funky wah-guitar fronted Blues-grooves feat. Fred Roulette on steel guitar, Carey Bell sings 'n plays harp on one track, Joe Willie Perkins on piano & organ, Gene Skaggs (b) ...feat. the slow-grindin' 'n fully electrifyin' "wah wah blues"; cover has a pic of the Wah-Maestroso holding his double-neck axe!!)
Do You Remember The Great Earl Hooker (BluesWay) VG++ / EX U.S.'1973 SOLD
(early 70's white-label promo print of GREAT recordings from 1963 by future Wah-guitar shaker layin' down some impressive, funky lines w/organ 'n brass accompaniments;)
Don't Have To Worry (BluesWay) EX / EX / Co. U.S.'1969 SOLD
(late 60's recordings by this legendary wah-blues-guitar-charmer feat. Johnny "Big Moose" Walker at the organ, piano 'n mike, Little Andrew "Blues Boy" Odom sings, Chester Skaggs on Fender-bass, Jeffrey M. Sharp on harmonica, Paul Asbell on 2nd guitar, Roosevelt Shaw(dr)  there's some tasty wah-wah squelche goin' here...;rare piece;)
Hooker And Steve (Arhoolie) EX / EX F'1969 SOLD
(late 60's french orig. print of scarce jammer feat. Steve Miller(Stephen Miller of Linn County-fame!) Bobby Johnson on drums, Louis Myers on harmonica...; "guitar rag" is mere stunner 'n a joy to groove to... an exciting guitar-sound racin' along w/hot organ lines!)
Sweet Black Angel (Blue Thumb) SS / SS / Co. U.S.'1970 SOLD
(funky wah-guitar fronted Blues-grooves arranged and partly produced by Ike Turner; incl. "drivin' wheel", "sweet home Chicago")
Sweet Black Angel (Blue Thumb) M / M- / Co. U.S.'1970 SOLD
(funky wah-guitar fronted Blues-grooves arranged and partly produced by Ike Turner; incl."drivin' wheel", "sweet home Chicago"; beauty shape!)
Sweet Black Angel (Blue Thumb) M / M- U.S.'1970 SOLD
(funky wah-guitar fronted Blues-grooves arranged and partly produced by Ike Turner; incl. "drivin' wheel", "sweet home Chicago"; beauty, uncut shape!)
John Lee Hooker Alone (Specialty) M- / M- U.S.'1970 SOLD
(scarce as burning hell (especially in this fine shape!) 1970 release by one of the originators of The Blues! ... harken to what Al Wilson (of Cannet Heat-fame) has to say about this album:
'In these recordings John Lee Hooker superimposes on a basic Country-Blues style, the new sound of hotly amplified guitar, a revved-up shuffle rhythm and a uniquely individual approach in which spontaneity is all important. They were milestones when they were first made, and have proved to be prophetic in that many of their distinctive features were to reappear in variously altered guises in the work of other musicians, in Rock as well as in Blues'
Eddie Burns plays harmonica on 3 selections and Andrew Durham adds a guitar on 'black cat blues'; ... incl. "rollin' blues" , "build myself a cave" , "boogie chillen #2" , "graveyard blues", "walkin' this highway", "burning hell" ...; )
Burning Hell (Riverside) EX / VG+(+) U.S.'196 SOLD
(early 60's U.S. release of supreme Folk-Blues... his acoustic-guitar 'n voice! incl. "baby please don't go", "key to the highway", "Natchez fire"...; mono-print;)
Detroit Special (Atlantic) M- / EX U.S.'1972 SOLD
(early 70's U.S. release of recordings dating back to 1953 (partly released on Deluxe Records) ...other songs are from the early 60's; some songs from the 50's have Eddie Kirkland on guitar & vocs; FOC w/liners by Pete Lowry; incl. "stuttering blues", "going south", "guitar lovin' man", "blue monday";)
It Serve You Right To Suffer (Impulse!) M- / EX U.S.'1965 SOLD
(mid-60's orig. U.S. print of one of his most striking releases down the the line!! feat. Milt Hinton, Panama Francis, Barry Galbraith 'n Dicky Wells on trombone on one track! ...this is electric Hooker w/a joyful, melodic edge gleamin' on "bottle up and go" & "you're wrong"! ...the more will the album-title become some sort of oracle!!)
Live At Soledad Prison (Abc) M- / M- U.S.'1972 SOLD
(early 70's U.S. release of Live-in-Prison recordings feat. Luther Tucker & Charlie Grimes on guitars, Lex Silver, Ken Swank & John Lee Hooker Jr. helps out on vocs! incl. the 8 minutes plus "boogie everywhere I go"! great shape!)
Live At The Café Au-Go-Go (BluesWay) VG++ / EX U.S.'1966 SOLD
(mid-60's Live-show at that legendary place in the N.Y. Greenwich Village! feat. Muddy Waters, Otis Spann, Luther Johnson, Francis Lay, George Smith...; incl."one bourbon, one scotch and one beer", "I'm bad like Jesse James"...; orig. bright-blue label print stereo print;)
Moanin' And Stompin' Blues (King) EX / EX U.S.'196 SOLD
(early 60's (?) release of early recordings by Texas Slim... the name John Lee Hooker used while recording for King Records! ...some blistering, killer-licks like on the fiery bayou-fox-peelin' "Slim's stomp", "devil's jump", "late last night"...; thick vinyl-press 'n blue label;)
Never Get Out Of This Blues Alive (Abc) M- / M- U.S.'1972 SOLD
(early 70's release feat. Van Morrison on title-track on which Elvin Bishop also cranks the slide-guitar; other songs feat. Mark Naftalin, Charlie Musselwhite & Mel Brown; incl. "boogie with the hook"; recorded at Wally Heider's in San Francisco!)
Never Get Out Of This Blues Alive (Abc) EX / EX / Co. U.S.'1972 SOLD
(early 70's release feat.Van Morrison on title-track on which Elvin Bishop also cranks the slide-guitar; other songs feat. Mark Naftalin, Charlie Musselwhite & Mel Brown; incl. "boogie with the hook"; recorded at Wally Heider's in San Francisco!)
That's Where It's At! (Stax) VG++ / EX U.S.'1970 SOLD
(late 60's U.S. release incl. "goin' to Louisiana", "two white horses", "feel so bad"(7:53)
The Big Soul Of (Vee-Jay) EX / EX U.S.'196 SOLD
(mid-60's (?) release of khool brass-tootin' thing w/femme back-ups on "San Francisco", R&B glidin' grooves on "good rockin' mama", "onions" (based on the "green onions"-riff!) nice black/rainbow-label mono print;)
The Blues (America) EX / EX F'197 SOLD
(early 70's french compilation album w/great Live-photo shot on front-cover; "boogie chillen", "I'm in the mood", "crawling king snake", "Sally Mae", "whistling & moaning"...;)
The Folk Lore Of (Vee-Jay) EX / EX U.S.'1962 SOLD
(early 60's U.S. release incl. 2 live-recordings performed at The Newport Folk Festival in 1960, these are: "Tupelo" & "hobo"; the other selections are studio-recordings from '61; some feature Jimmy Reed on harmonica & guitar, William "Lefty" Bates also on guitar, Quinn Philips on bass & Earl Phillips (dr) ..."going upstairs", "I'm mad again"; "take me as I am" is a ballad, sorta unusual for him as the guitar accompaniment marks a radical departure from his customary approach! orig. black/rainbow mono print & has a most expressive cover-art!)
The Real Folk Blues (Chess) EX / EX U.S.'1968 SOLD
(late 60's orig. U.S. release w/ full-band backing 'n spillin' 'em rockin' beans on the 7 minutes plus "let's go out tonight" w/ that Chuck Berry typo swing!... "I'm in the mood", "one bourbon, one scotch, one beer"...;  Mono DJ copy print!)
Wednesday Evenin' (Riverside) EX / EX U.S.'1960 55.00
(RARE 'n GREAT dutch 7" 4-track-E.P. release of 1960 New York recordings feat. Sam Jones (b) Louis Hayes (dr) ... "I need some money", "come on and see about me", "Wednesday evenin' blues" and "no more doggin'"; has a NICE pic-sleeve w/expressive photo/portrait of the artist!...Vinyl with dusty surface looks actually barely played(EX to Near Mint) Cover is EX , glossy on front with LIGHT bumps in top corners; back with small tear in top right corner; clean labels; pics available;)
John Lee Hooker & Canned Heat
Hooker 'n Heat (Liberty) EX / EX U.S.'1971 SOLD
(..the sons finally meeting up w/the father! ...double-set packed w/down-to-the roots Boogie-chills, slow & easy w/haunting athmo-soothe, rattlin' like a freight in motion; "messin' with the hook", "meet me in the bootom", "bottle up & go", "boogie chillen No.2" (11:35); FOC; nice shape;)
Lightnin' Hopkins Autobiography In Blues (Tradition) VG++ / VG+(+) U.S.'1960 SOLD
(Rare early 60's orig. U.S. mono print incl. "in the evening, the sun is going down", "Mama & Papa Hopkins", "75 Highway", "that gambling life", "trouble in mind"...; GREAT live-photo shot on front-cover!)
Blues Hoot (Horizon) VG++ / VG++ U.S.'1963 SOLD
(early 60's U.S. print of authentic Country-Blues recorded at an hootenanny takin' place at the Ash Grove in L.A. in the early 60's! feat. Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee plus Big Joe Williams sittin' in on "Blues for gamblers" on which everybody hoots 'n hollers, talks, yells 'n sings! ...they hooted together for hours and the songs ranged from Blues to Spirituals! Barbara Dane, another legenadry Folk-Blues lady, contributed some liner-notes; orig. black-label print (on Vee Jay sub-label) ...that may put some vertigo on you!)
Greatest Hits (Prestige/Bellaphon) EX / EX D'1968 SOLD
(german print of scarce U.S. Prestige-label release from '68; cool gathering of songs like "the walkin' blues", "mojo hand", "last night blues"... liners by Chris Albertson;)
How Many More Years I Got (Fantasy) M- / M- U.S.'1981 SOLD
(early 80's U.S. double-set containing early 60's recordings previously released on Prestige/Bluesville! FOC w/liner-notes on inner-fold;)
Lightnin' Strikes (Gamma) M- / EX F'196 SOLD
(mid-60's recordings showin' an electric Hopkins w/full-band accompaniment in some EXCITING 'n STRIKIN' mood ; feat. Jimmy Bond on bass, Earl Palmer on drums & Don Crawford (he's got some albums released on Verve-Forecast) on harmonica! "mojo hand", "cotton", "hurricane Betsy", "shake yourself"; scarce orig. green-label french print in laminated jacket;)
Original Folk Blues (Kent) EX / EX / Cc. U.S.'196 SOLD
(60's U.S. release feat. early recordings by legendary texan guitar-slinger; "Santa Fé Blues", "lonesome dog blues", "give me back that wig"; orig. multi-color-label print;)
The Roots Of (Xtra) EX / EX U.K.'1972 SOLD
(scarce U.K. print of great gathering o' songs documenting 'em roots of this most influental texan blues chap ... incl. "penitentiary blues" , "bad luck & trouble",  "see that my grave is kept clean" , goin' back to Florida" , "reminiscences of Blind Lemon"  ... an acoustic box o' wood 'n strings and a voice rasping sense from things 'n sins!)
Same (Everest) EX / EX U.S.'197 SOLD
(U.S.-press incl. archive recordings such as "big black cadillac blues", "brand new cigar" (w/SonnyTerry, Brownie McGhee and Big Joe Williams... also featured on other songs;)
Same (Saga Ero) EX / EX U.K.'1966 SOLD
(RARE U.K. orig. print of mid-60's recordings feat. Earl Palmer on drums & Jimmy Bond on bass! incl. "goin' to Louisiana", "down home blues", "blues in the rain", "make it move";)
Something Blue (Verve Folkways) VG+ / EX U.S.'196 55.00
(RARE U.S. print of HOT Blues rattler starring Jimmy Bond on acoustic bass & John Ewing blows the trombone on some selections! Hopkins accompanies himself on electric guitar and blows the harmonica ..."shaggy dad" ., "shake it baby" , " what'd I say" (!) , "don't wake me" , "talk of the town" ...; a real corker of the genre in dynamic MONO! ... liner-notes by Brian Van Der Horst!...Vinyl with in-audible marks looks actually barely played; Cover (un-cut) is close to VG+ with FRAY in seams; light fray in spine; bottom-seam (3cm (middle) about to split) same in bottom-right corner; bumps in corners; MINIMAL traces of ring-wear on front; back with light discoloration in white ground; light traces of ring-wear (rubbing) clean labels with groove; comes with label inner-sleeve in VG that has artists pictured(one seam full split plus tears 'n stains))
Texas Blues (Folkways/Le Chant Du Monde) M- / M- F'196 SOLD
(late 60's orig. french compilation-album (?) in glossy FOC; incl. "penitentiary blues", "bad luck and trouble", "see that my grave is kept clean", "reminiscenses of Blind Lemon" ...performed as an acoustic, solo-venture;)
The Best Of (Prestige) M / M- U.S.'196 SOLD
(late 60's U.S. print of quality compilation album feat. selections prev. released on Bluesville in the early/ mid 60's; "walkin' this road by myself", "the devil jumped the black man", "prison farm blues"...; deep violet label w/logo on top;)
The Blues (Mainstream) M- / M- F'196 65.00
(Rare orig. french print in great FOC (liners by Nat Hentoff and produced by Bobby Shad) ... HOT solo-pickin' spree (with occasional stand-up-bass accompaniments) by this legendary texan Blues man ... "hello central" , "coffee blues" , "long way from Texas", "new short-haired woman" , "freight train" , "dirty house blues" ...;...Vinyl looks and plays EX to NM (Near Mint)  Cover is laminated fold-open (NOT uni-pak) with LIGHT bumps in corners; traces of ring-wear (inside of fold-open at right, top and bottom) marker writing on inside of opening; clean labels; pics here are from this copy :
The Blues (Decca) EX / M- D'196 SOLD
(late 60's german compilation (?) advertised as Sam Hopkins on cover 'n label; incl. "hello central", "long way from Texas", "freight train", "new short-haired woman";)
Son House Father Of Folk Blues (Columbia) M- / M- U.S.'1968 SOLD
(Eddie J. "Son" House Jr. recorded 9 sides for Paramount Records in 1930, and ...of these, only four have ever been found!
He stopped playing the guitar in 1948 because the post-World War II generation didn't want to hear the old Blues anymore; music had to move, man. it had to jive, jump, step plug-in-that-amp-baby, go, go go! Son House listened and said to hell with it. a man's got his pride. he quit!
some 16 years later three young white men came to Son's house ( - ) and played tapes of his 1930 records and told him that there were once again people who would listen. now, the same pride that made him stop playing made him want to start again.
If anyone made Son's return possible, it's Al Wilson (yes, of Canned Heat fame!) ...Al plays 2nd guitar on "empire state express" and blows an awesome harmonica on the 9:23 "Levee Camp moan"(!) ...other songs run by names like "death letter", "preachin' blues", "sundown", "John the revelator" ...yes! "The Blues ain't nothin' but a low-down shakin' chill. If you never had 'em, children, I sure hope you never will!!" ...tasty white-label-promo print in NICE nick!!)
Bee Houston Same (Arhoolie) M- / EX F'1970 SOLD
(early 70's original french print of shaky, funky Blues-groover w/brass 'n quivering lead-axe cranks! feat. Terry De Rouen on 2nd guitar on some tracks!)
Frank Hovington Lonesome Road Blues (Rounder) EX / EX U.S.'1975 SOLD
(mid-70's U.S. release of fine Country-Blues songs by a black, rural songster pushin' 60 (at the time of this recordings) known only to a few collectors of the genre, John Fahey saw him play on a roadside porch when he was on a record-collecting trip through Delaware; ...armed w/ the Library of Congress Nagra tape-recorder Bruce Bastin(who wrote the liner-notes to this album) & Dick Spottswood visited Frank at his home & recorded him over a weekend... the result turned out to be a great one as can be experienced by diving into this song-bag of twelve, kickin' off w/"mean old Frisco" ...sometimes good things won't remain on the shelf!!)
Howlin' Wolf The Back Door Wolf (Chess) VG++ / EX U.S.'1973 SOLD
(early 70's U.S. print; no date given as for the recording of these songs; w/brass 'n Sumlin's sparklin' lead-guit magic! incl. "moving", "coon on the moon", "leave here walking... plus title-track;)
The Legendary Sun Performers (Charly) M- / M- U.K.'1977 SOLD
(70's british release of Sun recordings from the early 50's;)
Live And Cookin' At Alice's Revisited (Chess) EX / EX / Co. U.S.'1972 SOLD
(early 70's U.S. release of Live album w/brass; incl. a seven minutes plus rendition of "sitting on top of the world" , "when I laid down I was troubled..."; w/Hubert Sumlin & Willie Williams on guitars...; promo copy!)
Live And Cookin' At Alice's Revisited (Chess) EX / VG++ Can'1972 SOLD
(early 70's orig. canadian release of Live album w/brass; incl. a seven minutes plus rendition of "sitting on top of the world", ..."when I laid down I was troubled"; w/Hubert Sumlin & Willie Williams on guitars...;)
Message To The Young (Chess) M- / EX U.S.'1971 SOLD
(early 70's U.S. release of a bag full of electric Wolf grinding on w/ chuncks of Memphis Soul 'n psychedelic fuzz-guit leads on the funky, Soul-shakin' "if I were a bird" for opening track; great cover!)
More Real Folk Blues (Chess) M- / M- / Co. U.S.'1967 SOLD
(mid-60's U.S. release of rockin' Wolf-tracks incl. "just my kind", "work for your money", "you gonna wreck my life", "I have a little girl; monophonic print! great shape!)
Original Folk Blues (Kent) VG++ / VG++ U.S.'196 SOLD
(early 60's yellow label orig. (?) release; incl."riding in the moonlight", "brown skin woman", "worried about my baby", "dog me around"...;)
The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions (Chess) EX / EX U.S.'1971 SOLD
(early 70's U.S. release of sessions recorded in London feat. Mick Jagger, Slowhand, Steve Winwood, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman...; FOC;)
The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions (Rolling Stones) EX / EX D'1971 SOLD
(early 70's german release (in laminated jacket) of sessions recorded in London feat. Mick Jagger, Slowhand, Steve Winwood, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman...; FOC;)
Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, Little Walter & Bo Diddley
Super Blues  (Chess) EX / VG++ U.S.'1984 SOLD
(mid-80's U.S. reprint in orig. Psychedelic-Art sleeve; ... forces joined by these giants of the Blues; recorded in Chicago in '67!)
Super Blues Session (Bellaphon) EX / M- D'1976 SOLD
(mid-70's german release of smokin' double-pack; forces joined by these giants of the Blues; recorded in Chicago in '67! dynamic recording quality; laminated FOC;)
Mississippi John Hurt Last Sessions (Vanguard) EX / VG++ U.S.'1972 SOLD
(early 70's U.S. brown-label-print; recorded February, 1966 in New York City; Patrick Sky on second guitar on two songs! incl. "poor boy, long ways from home" (Bukka White) "first shot missed him", "shortnin' bread", "let the mermaids flirt with me"; ...a great dive 'to 'em roots of americana Folk-Blues heritage!!)
J.B. Hutto Bluesmaster (JSP) M / M U.K.'1985 SOLD
(mid-80's U.K. release of last studio-recordings by this legendary Chicago-Blues master shakin' an Elmore James influenced slide-guitar; killer version of "look on yonders wall", "two headed woman", "shake rattle & roll", "Howling Wolf blues" w/tasty slide-work!)

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