Artist Title (Label) Cover / Record / Co. Released Price CHF
Laurie Anderson Big Science (Warner Brothers) M- / EX D'1982 SOLD

(german print w/inner-sleeve of debut album by adventurous Avant-guardian angel w/aviolin; w/inner-sleeve;)

Mister Heartbreak (Warner Brothers) EX / EX D'1983 Sold

(german print w/inner-sleeve (lyrics) ...feat. Arian Belew, Bill Laswell, Peter Gabriel...;)

Mister Heartbreak (Warner Brothers) M- / EX D'1983 SOLD

(german print w/inner-sleeve (lyrics); feat. Arian Belew, Bill Laswell, Peter Gabriel...;)

United States Live (Warner Brothers) EX / EX U.S.'1984 SOLD

(limited press 5-lps-box-set (ea. disc has a diff. sleeve) recorded Live across the U.S.A.)

Gilbert Artman Urban Sax (Celluloid) M- / M- F'198 SOLD

(80's french 2nd print of all-saxophone project w/voices (in spots) (feat. 16 musicians) created by Artman; haunting sceneries w/menacing ambient-like vapours... like purple effigies in smoulderin' black coal; has a most suitable, expressive sleeve-work by Patrick Alexandre;)

Urban Sax 2 (Celluloid) M- / M- F'198 SOLD

(80's french 2nd print (of 2nd album) of all-saxophone project (feat. 37 musicians incl. 1 gong and a choir starring 7 ladies & one guy) created by Artman; haunting sceneries w/menacing ambient-like vapours... like purple effigies in smoulderin' black coal; has a most suitable, expressive sleeve-work by Patrick Alexandre;)

Han Bennink Solo West/East (FMP) M- / M- D'1979 SOLD

(late 70's german print of Avant-Free-Form-Jazz solo venture; performed on sax, piano 'n drums...;)

Bengt Berger & Kjell
Spelar (Ett Minne För Livet) M- / M- S'1977 75.00

(RARE 70's release by swedish duo; ...just drums 'n soprano sax/bassoon jammin' out via Free-Form instant-cookin'; a trancey flow reigns this two sidelong excursions... Quite an exciting meeting!!...clean Vinyl looks barely played; Cover has very light traces of ring-wear on front and back (top), light traces of removed small sticker in upper-right corner on back.)

Karl Hans Berger Interludes (FMP) M / M- D'1977 42.00

(rare 70's release by this german label dedicated to Free-Form/Avant-Garde sounds; Berger created 10 interludes w/either piano, vibraphone or balafon...;clean vinyl looks barely played...cover close to perfect; comes with small label-catalogue for insert;)

Paul Bley Axis (Improvising Artists Inc.) EX / EX U.S.'1978 SOLD

(late 70's U.S. print of solo-piano excursions... treading improvising lanes w/theme on "porgy" (Gershwin) ...title-track spins sidelong;)

Anthony Braxton Creative Music Orchestra (Ring) EX / EX D'198 Sold

("in the middle of the 60's Anthony Braxton first started composing for orchestra. his compositions reach from Bigband-arrangements to pieces for Symphony Orchestras and to compositions for a 100 tubas. during this period, the idea of a "Creative Music Orchestra" developed. ...on the occasion of the Chatelerault Festival in France in 1972 Braxton finally had the chance to set up this "Creative Music Orchestra" and to rehearse for one week. this album (a triple box-set!) is a live-recording of this concert, which was the very first concert of "Creative Music Orchestra" the technical quality of the recording is excellent considering the possibilities of recording at that time. only on side 2 there are some small technical defects during a solo by Kühn. in order not to disturb the impression of the concert this bit has not been cut out. everybody who likes live-recordings will be grateful for this. the tape material has been hidden all the time in a quiet corner of Braxton's house in Woodstock, U.S.A.; in 1972 no record producer was interested in the "Creative Music Orchestra" ...times are changing" (from the 4-page booklet included in the box)

Saxophone Improvisations Series F. (America) M- / M- F'197 SOLD

(early 70's french RARE orig. print of all-improvised sax-excursions by this renowned multi-instrumentalist; double-set in FOC w/notes on the selections on inside;)

This Time... (Affinity) M / M- U.K.'197 Sold

(late 70's U.K. reprint most expressive sax-curves by this renowned multi-instrumentalist; w/Léo Smith (t) Leroy Jenkins (violin) Steve McCall (dr) orig. relased on Byg/Actuel in 1970!)

This Time... (Byg/Actuel) EX / EX F'1970 SOLD

(rare french print in top shape; most expressive sax-curves by this renowned multi-instrumentalist; w/Léo Smith (t) Leroy Jenkins(violin) Steve McCall (dr)

Anthony Braxton Quartet At Moers Festival (Ring) M- / M- D'1974 Sold

(rare mid-70's german orig. print of LIVE recorded Free-Form-Jazz at the Moers Festival in Germany; Kenny Wheeler on trumpet, Dave Holland (b) and Barry Altschul on drums 'n percussion; FOC;)

Anthony Braxton & Giorgio Gaslini
Four Pieces (Dischi Della Quercia) M / M I'1981 SOLD

(early 80's orig. italian print of duo-venture feat. Gaslini on piano and Braxton on alto- and soprano sax; side one has "composition No. 101"; inside of FOC has drawings by both artitsts... dedicating to each other!)

Willem Breuker Kollektief Live In Berlin (FMP) EX / EX D'1975 SOLD

(mid-70's release by this alternative german label (co-produced by Bvhaast in Holland) ...live excursion by dutch Free-Form-Avant composer guild led by Breuker on saxes & clarinets;)

John Cage & Lejaren Hiller Hpschd/Johnston:String Quartet No.2 (Nonesuch) EX / EX U.S.'1969 SOLD

(Avant-Garde piece w/compositions for harpsichords & computer-generated sound tapes composed by Cage & Hiller in '67 - '69; B-side has 3 string-quartet pieces from the mid-60's; comes w/inserts;)

Catalogue Pénétration Same (Hat Hut) SS / SS CH'1982 144.00

(early 80's orig. swiss print of Live-recorded album (plus E.P.) at Brasserie Birseckerhof in Basel, Switzerland; Free-Form-Avant-Jazz performed as a trio;...still sealed, original box-set; cover close to perfect; Vinyl supposed to be un-played; Includes a hat ART insert and a post card.)

Jerry Chardonnens, Léon Francioli & Radu Malfatti
Humanimal (Hat Hut) M / M U.S.'1980 SOLD

(rare 1980 orig. release of LIVE recorded Free-Form-Avant-Jazz performance at JazzFestival Willisau! trombone and accessoires by Malfatti, drums/perc by Chardonnens, Francioli on bass & piano; FOC w/ label-insert-booklet;)

Günter Christmann Solomusiken Für Posaune Und Kontrabass (Ring) EX / EX D'1976 SOLD

(rare mid-70's orig. print of Free-Form-Avant sounds performed on trombone 'n bass plus some percussive sound-gadgets such as plastic-cub, comb, balloon, plunger-mute (?)...;)

Christman-Schönenberg-Duo Topic (Ring) VG++ / M- D'1975 SOLD

(rare mid-70's release of improvised Avant-speckled moves created w/trombone, double-bass 'n percussion;)

Jay Clayton & Jerry Granelli Sound Songs (JMT) M / M- D'1985 SOLD

(german release of athmo-packed 'n expressive songs performed with femme vocs (Jay Clayton) and drums by Jerry Granelli; cover of Mingus' "goodbye porkpie hat"(!)

Dom Edge Of Time  (Melocord) M / EX D'1971 Sold

(80's euro-reprint of trippy german early 70's Avant-Space-Kraut jammer w/vapourous electronic wafting 'n eastern-baba dungeon-tappings ("introitus") ...fondlin' a myth-battered menace; ...as the masters seem to have been lost this reissue has been taken from an orig. vinyl-album, hence the cracklin' (non-disturbing) sound in the back-ground;)

Markus Eichenberger Atemketten Nr.20/8 - Atemkreis (Unit) EX / EX CH'1986 SOLD

(mid-80's swiss privat-label press of most expressive Avant/improvised tensyon-play w/bassoon, tape-sounds, femme vocs putting shrieks on aural canvas...; home-made sleeve-design; micro-press;)

Electronic Art Ensemble Inquietude (Grammavision) M / M- U.S.'1982 SOLD

(early 80's U.S. press of wild-hearted eledctronic sounds shakin' hands w/ "real" instruments such as guitars, keyboards, trumpet, percussion, voice...;)

Siegfried Fink Percussion Ensemble
Talking Drums (Thorophon) EX / EX D'1976 SOLD

(percussion only cuttin' deep into ethno maps... south african roots, latin, carribean...; FOC w/descriptive infos on inner-fold; very well produced;)

Ron Geesin As He Stands (Ron) EX / EX U.K.'1972 55.00

(early 70's U.K. privat-press of fairly wired Avant-Electronic 'travaganza... "16 tracks of diverse excitement" as Ron himself puts it(on the back cover) ...there's sounds of organs, piano, wind, acoustic guitar, voices, banjo, various effects 'n much electronics... all songs composed, recorded 'n executed (save 1) by Ron; one track is entitled "to Roger Waters wherever you are" feat. voice, wind, fire & 83 electronic bagpipes(!!) he also released an album enitled "music from the body" in 1970 w/ above mentioned bass-player/vocalist of Pink Floyd;...Vinyl looks and plays EX to NM; laminated cover is nice with light bumps in corners; labels are clean;)

John Greaves & Peter
Kew Rhone (Europa) EX / EX U.S.'1977 SOLD

(rare U.S. print of fairly adventurous Avant-Chamber-Jazz/Folk venture by pianist/singer/bassist Greaves, Lisa Herman sings, Peter Belegvad on guitars, Andrew Cyrille (dr) Carla Bley also sings and plays tenor sax on one piece; great impressive sleeve-design; lyrics on inner-sleeve;)

Burton Greene Presenting (Columbia) EX / VG++ U.S.'1968 SOLD

(scarce orig. U.S. 360-label print of late 60's major-label release by legendary Avant-Piano-composer/free- wheeler; quartet performance feat. Byard Lancaster on alto sax 'n trumpet, Steve Tintweiss (b) Shelly Rusten on percussion... Greene plays piano, piano harp, electric harpsichord, chants and arranged and conducted! the sounds contained here appear to my ossicles as some adventurous Avant-Free-Form approach to spirituality in the heart of the 20th century-Acid-Age... a fact somewhat underlined by Greene's liner notes on the back of this rather spectacular album!)

Variations On A Coffee Machine (Kharma) EX / EX U.S.'1978 SOLD

(late 70's release by legendary Avant-Piano-composer/free-wheeler; title-track spins for 27 minutes and features Keshavan Maslak on tenor sax and voice; cover of Coltrane's "Naima" and the haunting 9 minutes plus "variations on a raga Charukeshi"; recorded LIVE at the Axis in Soho, N.Y.)

Friedrich Gulda Nachricht Vom Lande (Brain) EX / EX / Co. A'1976 125.00

(mid-70's austrian release of Live-In-Concert recordings of intensely brewing Avant-Free-Form-Jazz moves created by Friedrich Gulda, Ursula Anders (she plays drums) Barre Phillips (b) John Surman, Albert Mangelsdorff and Cecil Taylor layin' down some incredible piano lines! "many people play various instruments... thunder plays thunder... wind plays wind... rain plays rain..." (a statement on the inside of FOC) ...the activities of the participating musicians got quite hampered at times by weather-changes! green label austrian print;...discs played maybe twice, cover has a small cut-out hole in upper right corner, spine is slightly affected, else looks EX)

Homo Liber Untitled (Leo) M / M U.K.'1986 42.00

(orig. U.K. print of 2nd album(the debut is entitled "Siberian 4") by russian duo (living in Novosibirsk) and a most powerful slice of Avant-Experimental-Jazz this is... piano,various percussion, jaw harp (khomus) 'n reeds plus use of voice 'n breath... creatin' foamin' epistles in the starry eye of some antecipated sudden death!...Vinyl looks close to unplayed ...with in-audible marks on A-Side (middle)...looks like caused by inner-sleeve; Cover is Nice with small spot of tear & sticker residue in top-right corner; light bumps in bottom corners; small 'distribution-sticker' on back (near bottom-right corner) clean labels;)

Honsinger/Christmann Duo Earmeals (Moers Music) EX / M- D'1978 SOLD

(late 70's german release of Free-Form improvised sound-scapes by cellist Tristan Honsinger and Günter Christmann on trombone & double bass; recorded live;)

Henry Kaiser It's A Wonderful Life (Metalanguage) M / M- U.S.'1984 SOLD

(mid-80's orig. U.S. print of Avant-Garde textures performed w/ solo-guitars... Acoustic & electric... NO synth or oscillator sound sources used! all selections are live free improvisations in real time without overdubbing; 1 song has a drum-computer;)

Takashi Kako Micro Worlds (Trio) EX / M- J'1976 SOLD

(mid-70's SCARCE orig. japanese release of powerful Avant-Free-Form-Jazz dimension feat. Kako on piano, Kent Carter on bass & cello, Oliver Johnson on drums and Irene Aebi on violon and voice (1 track) has the insert-sheet;)

Siegfried Kessler & DaunikLazro
Aeros (Hat Hut) M / M CH'1982 SOLD

(RARE early 80's Free-Form-Avant-Jazz project feat. Kessler on various keyboards creatin' athmo-packed distorted sounds 'n ripplin' waves of color whilst Lazro blows the alto sax;)

Paul LaMont Psychedelia- Opus I & II (Golden State) EX / EX U.S.'1969 65.00

(late 60's U.S. release of 2 side-long Avant-Free-Form piano improvisations (compositions?) based on the composer' (improviser's?) experience w/ world-wide counter-cult movements... places 'n scenes he visited... & the impressions have been condensed into these 2 opus-pieces; ...there's quite a tension bein' built & the slight cracklin' sound of the vinyl may appear as signposts for ants migrating into their hibernation camp!! sleeve-notes on back-cover say: "for an optimum listening experience, it is recommended that Opus I & Opus II are listened to in their entirety at a listening level louder than usual"; a rare artefact piece on this privat San Francisco label!!...nice vinyl looks barely played (EX to Near Mint) Cover is EX with small spot of faint stain/sticker residue on front in top right corner; bottom-right corner slightly bent; Minimal storage-/ring-wear on front & back; clean labels;)

Zabba' W. Lindner & Carsten Bohn
Vollbedienung Of Percussion (Brain) EX / VG++ D'1974 SOLD

(orig. german mid-70's green-label-print of percussion-total-venture by german duo; ...piano, organ vibraphone & churchchoir also in the brewing;)

Luna Space Swell (Arhoolie) M- / M- U.S.'1967 65.00

(mid-60's U.S. release of fairly jammed-up Free-Form-Jazz piece by californian aggregation feat. Lee Cronbach on piano (a haunting tone kindlin' imminent drops of grace!) Pat Wallace on bass clarinet;  ...plenty o' saxes, trombone, violin, bass 'n percussion; ...these guys seemed to be hooked on Haiku/Zen-art as there's many a Basho quotation on the back cover; the front has a psychedelic "spiral"-design;...nice Vinyl plays EX to Near Mint with in-audible marks; Cover (un-cut) still in shrink-wrap with bump in top-right corner;NO storage-/Ring-wear; spot of discoloration in top-right corner on back; clean labels;)

Space Swell (Arhoolie) EX / EX U.S.'1967 SOLD

(mid-60's U.S. release of fairly jammed-up Free-Form-Jazz piece by californian aggregation feat. Lee Cronbach on piano (a haunting tone kindlin' imminent drops of grace!) ...Pat Wallace on bass clarinet;  ...plenty o' saxes, trombone, violin, bass 'n percussion; ...these guys seemed to be hooked on Haiku/Zen-art as there's many a Basho quotation on the back cover; the front has a psychedelic "spiral"-design;)

Magma Attahk (Tomato) M- / EX / Co. U.S.'197 SOLD

(orig. U.S. print of mid-70's effort by this wild-hearted 70's Avant-Prog-Rock piece by french combo, plenty o' keyboards sounds, guitars, brass... creatin'a bazaar of expressive, spiritually-wired 'n myth-battered pieces;)

Inhedits (Tapioca) EX / EX F'197 SOLD

(orig. print of this wild-hearted 70's Avant-Prog-Rock piece by french combo, plenty o' keyboards sounds, guitars, brass...;)

Toshiro Mayuzumi Nirvana-Symphony (Mainstream) M- / EX U.S.'196 SOLD

(late 60's U.S. orig. release of adventurous Avant-Classic oeuvre performed in the late 50's for the first time; the originator/composer describes his work as some sort of a Buddhist-Cantata as it features a mixed chorus raisin' voices to the wave-lengths of "temple-bells" created by a symphony orchestra, divided into 3 parts 'n placed in 3 different corners in the hall(!) ...the sceneries evoked are of an eerie, haunting nature; blue (silvery)/black-label print in thick FOC w/inside-info on the project by the composer;)

Misa Barbara Same (Arion) EX / EX F'197 SOLD

(mid-70's (?) french release of athmo-fueled Free-Form-Percussion jam-out performed on a myriad of instruments... wewetl, taka-taka, tumbas, gaitas, birimbao, flutes, bombo, tablas (you've heard this!) bongos, olifant (?!?) khenas, güiro, sikus... etc... there's an eastern/ japanese mood, african roots tappings 'n Ethno-Jazz rumblings; created by Alfredo De Robertis & Humberto Canto; nice FOC; a rare piece!!)

Meredith Monk Songs From The Hill/Tablet (Wergo Spectrum) EX / EX D'1977 SOLD

(orig. german print of eccentric Avant-Vocal venture...;)

Norbert Möslang & Andy Guhll
Deep Voices (FMP) EX / EX D'1977 65.00

(rare orig. german print of Free-Form-Avant-Jazz moves recorded LIVE during the "Total Music Meeting '77" in Berlin;...clean vinyl looks barely played; cover (EX) has light wear on seams and spine; trace of removed price-sticker in upper-right corner (back-cover); comes with 4-page label-discography insert;)

Deep Voices (FMP) EX / EX D'1977 SOLD

(rare orig. german print of Free-Form-Avant-Jazz moves recorded LIVE during the "Total Music Meeting '77" in Berlin;)

Bobby Naughton Units Understanding (JAPO) EX / M- D'1973 65.00

(RARE german print of LIVE-recorded Avant-Fusion/Free-Form-Jazz sounds by U.S. (?) aggregation feat. Naughton on vibraphone, piano & clavinet; Mark Whitecage on flute 'n bass horn, Richard Youngstein or Mario Pavone on bass, Randy Kaye or Laurence Cook on percussion, Perry Robinson plays clarinet; calm tension-meres bein' kindled via chamber-bred strokes... hittin' a rocky shelf on "nital rock" for closing this very special album which was orig. produced in the U.S. by Otic Records, a musicians' cooperative; incl. 4 compositions by Carla Bley! sleeve-design has a painting by Hans Richter from 1918!...Vinyl looks barely played; Cover is EX to NM (Near Mint) with yellowish discoloration at opening ( front) where lamination starts to peel  ..same at bottom seam (back) ...due to storage it seams; clean labels;)

Ovary Lodge Same (Ogun) EX / M- U.K.'1976 SOLD

(scarce U.K. orig. print of Free-Form-Avant-Jazz brewings recorded LIVE in '75; Keith Tippett on piano, harmonium, recorder, maracas & voice, Harry Miller (b) Frank Perr (percussion, voice, chinese bamboo flute (Hsiao) and chinese bamboo mouth harp (Shêng) and Julie Tippetts (voice, sopranino recorder, two-stringed chinese violin (Er-hu) all the music contained here is improvised, all acoustic sounds (NO electronics!)

Harry Partch Oedipus (Gate 5) EX / VG++ U.S.'1957 475.00

(U.S. release of the 2nd edition (excerpted for one 12" Lp) of this Avant-Classic music-dance- drama work, adapted from W. B. Yeats' version of Sophocles' "Oedipus the King"; played by the GATE 5 ENSEMBLE of Sausalito, Ca.; ...there's some eerie/haunting sounds 'n athmo-patterns created on self-built instruments such as the Marimba Eroica, Diamond Marimba, Cloud Chamber Bowls, Spoils Of War (this percussion instrument gave name to a late 60's  U.S./french Avant-Rock/Electronics-combo!!) Kithara I & II, Harmonic Canon I, Chromelodoen I (a reed organ) Surrogate Kithara (plucked & percussive strings) Adapted Viola...; ...each instrument has its own chracteristic notation! Harry Partch, who built these instruments says of himself that he's not an instrument-builder, but a philosophic music-man seduced into carpentry! comes w/ large booklet that has pictures of the instruments & descriptive notes; an ARTEFACT!!...Vinyl (pretty clean...close to NM! ...with an odd 'click' here and another there) cover is EX! comes with 16 page-booklet, hand-stamped by artist on back cover (bottom right corner)...sound samples available;)

Barre Phillips Music By... (ECM) M- / M- D'1981 SOLD

(early 80's scarce german release of Avant-Fusion/Free-Form-Jazz moves by expressive bassist Phillips accompanied by John Surman & Hervé Bourde on saxes,Pierre Favre on drums and 2 ladies Aina Kemanis and Claudia Phillips creatin' some haunting lines w/their voices; among the most interesting releases on the label (to my ears)

The Plastic People Prague (Invisible) EX / EX F'1978 SOLD

(70's Avant-Garde-Rock jammer by east-european counter-cult-polit-hipster troupe; there's shreds of punky Jazz & freezin' chamber mash; vocs in czech 'n french tongue; FOC and comes w/ HUGE booklet for insert; ...a definite 70's time-piece;)

Steve Reich Music For 18 Musicians (ECM) VG++ / VG++ D'1978 SOLD

(orig. german print of this classic Ambient piece; ripplin' structures performed by 18 musicians, plenty of Metallophone (vibrophone without motor) sounds w/violins, piano, cello, clarinets, 4 woman's voices, marimbas ... etc; Gamelan roots showin' thru'...;)

Terry Riley A Rainbow In Curved Air (Columbia Masterworks) EX / VG++ U.S.'197 SOLD

(early 70's orig. U.S. brown/orange-label print of Classic keyboard-explorer-Avant-Garde meanders w/ electric harpsichord, rocksicord (?) dumbec, tambourine, organ plus soprano sax leads on the sidelong        ripplin' "poppy nogood and the phantom band";

Terry Riley & Pierre Mariétan (GERM) Same (Byg/Actuel) M- / EX F'1968 125.00

(rare french only print of wild-eyed experimental piece; 1 side has Terry Riley w/keyboard studies, the other side shows Mariétan's "initiative 1" w/chamber-orchestra exploring systems w/cello, pianos, sax, flute, violin, double-bass...; FOC;...clean vinyl with in-audible surface marks plays EX to NM with light surface noise due to pressing I reckon...cover (glossy Gatefold) is also nice EX to NM...clean labels; most pics here are from this copy : www.discogs.com/release/543352-Germ-6-Terry-Riley-P-Mariétan-Keyboard-Study-2-Initiative-1--Systèmes

Same (Byg/Actuel) EX / VG++ F'1968 SOLD

(rare french only print of wild-eyed experimental piece; 1 side has Terry Riley w/keyboard studies, the other side shows Mariétan's "initiative 1" w/chamber-orchestra exploring systems w/cello, pianos, sax, flute, violin, double-bass...; FOC;)

Sam Rivers Winds Of
Colours (Black Saint) M- / M- I'1983 SOLD

(early 80's italian print of all-wind-instruments performed Avant-Chamber-Jazz w/Free-Form dimension; feat. Marvin Blackman, Talib Kibwe, Chris Roberts, Steve Coleman, Bobby Watson... among others; Lee Jeske wrote the liner-notes;)

Rolf Riehm Machandelboom(Das Märchen Vom Wacholderbaum) (Riskant) M- / M- D'1983 SOLD

(early 80's german release of a pretty eccentric tale underlined w/Free-Form-Avant sounds... organ, e-guitar, bass, synth, rhythm-machine, lots of wired percussion, sax, clarinets, violoncello...etc; lyrics printed on inner-sleeve;)

Alain Rouillière Percussion Live (Markus Jakob) EX / VG++ D'1976 SOLD

(rare mid-70's german privat-label-press of all-Percussion thing lanced via bells, vylophone, tabla-drums, bongos, congas, maracas, tumba, whistle... B-side spins for 18:30 in one go and has athmo-showerin' gongs; back cover is autogrpahed by the artist;)

Rova Saxophone Diplomacy (Hat Hut) M- / M- CH'1983 65.00

(rare swiss orig. print of double-lp gimmix-box-set w/inserts; live recordings from the +B12 historic 1983 tour of Russia, Latvia and Romania;...Vinyl looks barely played; Cover with small spot of tear in top-right corner due to removed sticker; bump in bottom-left corner; complete with inserts; clean labels;)

Saxophone Diplomacy (Hat Hut) EX / M- CH'1983 SOLD

(rare swiss orig. print of double-lp gimmix-box-set w/inserts; live recordings from the historic 1983 tour of Russia, Latvia and Romania;)

Paul Rutherford & Paul Lovens
Same (Po Torch) M- / M- D'1978 SOLD

(late 70's german orig. print of hi-tension bred Free-Form-Avant-zzounds... vapours outta improvised chambers of No-Noize (means Hansel & Gretel is of no-importance... for it's all there on the edge of the swan's feather!) ...Rutherford plays trombone & Euphonium, Lovens is shakin' up the percussion gear and zither plus others...; side A is recorded LIVE in Berlin 'n '76; the other side also in Berlin at FMP studios in '77; yes indeed... "speech is a sort of pride and hearing is a sort of humility" (from lines written on the back-side of the cover) ...which, by the way, is graced by a beautifully striking painting by Friedrich Kuhn!)

Eric Salzman Wiretap (Finnadar) M- / M- / Co. U.S.'1974 SOLD

(mid-70's orig.U.S. quadraphonic release of adventurous Avant-collage tapestries by U.S. multi-media artist; w/femme lead voice by Elise Ross, environmental sounds, electronics, radio-sources, noise...; "the music on this record, the first works of their kind to be released in discrete quadraphonic, comprises a series of dramatized, personal reports on the state of America and the american psyche in the late 60's & early 70's" (fromthe liner notes)

Manfred Schoof Quintet 1966 Voices (L+R) M- / EX D'1980 SOLD

("our music is polyrhythmical. tempi are not marked metrically but emerge out of the "respiration of the rhythm". the drums play a polyrhythmic texture. the structure of this texture underlies the laws of this respiration.
every instrument in our quintet is simultaneously a rhythm- and an accompanying instrument. melodies are formed in a free 12-tone scale. the gained prosperity in material enlarges the possibilites for composition and improvisation. the group is an organism. the freedom of the individual develops within the interplay. the more this interrelation realises itself the better and more concentrated the music will be.
we connect the various compositions without intermissions. in this way we can intensify the concentration and this manner of playing approaches the symphonic form where everything is joined in an entirety" (Manfred Schoof in 1966 (on the back-sleeve of this release)
these are the stunning mid-60's recordings by this german Avant-Free-Form Jazz quintet feat.  Schoof on cornet & fluegelhorn, Gerd Dudek on tenor sax, Alexander Von Schlippenbach on piano, Buschi Niebergall (b) and Jacky Liebezeit (of later CAN-fame) providing some far-out drumming already!! this album sure marks some crystal peak in fields of 20th century european Jazz and beyond!!)

Irene Schweizer & Louis Moholo
Same (Intakt) M / M CH'1986 SOLD

(mid-80's swiss print of Free-Form spiked Jazz-venture by legendary swiss lady-pianist and black drummer; recorded LIVE at The International Jazz Festival, Zürich, Switzerland; w/insert-sheet;)

Schweizer/Carl/Moholo Messer (FMP) EX / EX D'1976 SOLD

(mid-70's release by this adventurous swiss piano-exploring lady treadin' Free-Form lanes all the way from the mid-60's when she started out with pre-GURU GURU members! ...Rüdiger Carl on alto & tenor saxes, clarinet, Louis T. Moholo beats the drums; rare german privat-label press;)

Michael Sell Doppelquintett Emanationen (MISP) M- / M- D'1983 75.00

(scarce orig. german print of Avant-Free-Form-Jazz recordings first performed at Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele 1982. recorded in '83 on commission of WDR (radio broadcast) in Cologne, Germany; nice FOC;...Vinyl looks un-played; cover with no actual flaw worth reporting; clean labels;)

Alan Silva Skillfullness (Esp-Disk) VG++ / VG++ U.S.'1969 SOLD

(late 60's orig. press on this cult-label; adventurous Free-Form-Jazz moves w/spiritual overtones!! ...violin, cello, piano, organ (by Mike Ephron) vibraphone, flutes 'n voices (by Beckie Friend) percussion...; incl. "solestrial" (15:02)

Spontaneous Music
Ensemble Big Band &
Live (Vinyl) EX / EX D'1979 SOLD

(prev. unreleased Live-recordings from 1971, performed at Notre Dame Hall in London w/ Big Band (feat. Kenny Wheeler, Ian Carr, Trevor Watts, Laurie Allen, John Marshall... plus plenty of shrieky femme vocs, Karl Jenkins on baritone sax ...and the B-side has the quartet feat. Watts, Julie Tippets (sings 'n plays guitar!) Ron Herman (b) & John Stevens on drums; A-side has "let's sing for him (a march for Albert Ayler)" B-side is one (?) track (24:35) entitled "one, two, Albert Ayler, birds of a feather, nothing" ...(or maybe these are 5 separate pieces??) released on a small german privat label in the late 70's;)

String Trio Of New York First String (Black Saint) EX / EX I'1979 SOLD

(late 70's italian print of excellent Avant-Chamber-Folk-Jazz piece feat. Billy Bang on violin, James Emery on guitar, mandolin and John Lindberg on bass; windy lines filled w/gypsy magic, Free-Form brewin' 'n solemn Chamber moods;)

Morton Subotnick The Wild Bull (Nonesuch) VG++ / VG++ U.S.'196 65.00

(RARE late 60's U.S. orig. release by the creator of the legendary "silver apples of the moon" (an album, also released on Nonesuch Records, that inspired 2 New York composin' youngsters for their band-name!!) ...both,"silver apples" and "the wild bull" were composed on the modular electronic music system orginally built for Morton Subotnick by Donald Buchla at the San Francisco Tape Music Center! a poem by Sumerian served for inspiration! many a cliché is being trancended onto platforms of elevated sensation... every 9 seconds a brand-new Science Fiction movie for your dust-layered ossicles;...Vinyl plays nice EX to Near Mint with in-audible surface marks; Cover with water-damage (bottom-right..about 13cm in square)..visible especially on back (discoloration)..light fray in seams; bumps in bottom corners; light traces of ring-wear on front & back; clean labels with NO spindle-marks; run-out matched; if in doubt> PLEASE ASK FOR PICS!)

Morton Subotnick & Donald Grantham
Arts And Letters Award (Composers Recordings,INC.) M- / M- U.S.'1983 55.00

(orig. U.S. print of late 70's/early 80's recordings by this pioneering composer in the field of electronic music (Morton Subotnik) his work "parallel lines" stretches over the whole A-side of this album w/electronic sources minglin' w/windy shredz of Chamber-Music performed by members of the Buffalo Philharmonic and Buffalo Creative Assiciates w/ Laurence Trott as piccolo solist; the B-side has 2 works by D. Grantham; an intonation of 7 poems by Emily Dickinson w/Chamber singers... and erotic lyrics by Pablo Neruda performed/set to music w/piano, voice, and french horn; has a lyrics-insert-sheet;...Vinyl played once (archive copy) Cover still in shrink with no actual flaw to be mentioned; insert sheet has a slightly bent corner (small);  clean labels;)

Keith Tippett Mujician II/Piano Solos (FMP) M / M- D'1986 SOLD

(rare mid-80's german print of live-recorded piano-solos by british composer/pianist;)

Masahiko Togashi Session In Paris,vol.2 "Colour Of Dream" (Paddle Wheel) M- / M- J'1980 SOLD

(orig. japanese print of scarce late 70's recordings of Avant/Free-Form Jazz venture takin' place in Paris; feat. Albert Mangelsdorff, Jenny Clark and Takashi Kako; w/insert;)

Various Artists Electronic Music (Turnabout) EX / VG++ U.S.'1968 SOLD

(Avant-Garde created by electronic sounds and the far-out voice of Cathy Berberian on Luciano Berio's "visage" (21:04) ...John Cage's "fontana mix" (11:39) ...and a turkish composer/artist by the name of Ilhan Mimaroglu whose ""agony" (composed in '65)

Electronic Music From The University Of Illinois (Heliodor) EX / VG+(+) U.S.'1968 SOLD

(elctronic-Avant-Garde sounds from the mid-60's. feat. composers /artists like Brün, Gaburo, Hamm, Hiller and Martirano; w/occasional femme voice, free-form Chamber-Jazz, spoken words, rare piece on this MGM sub-label;)

The ESP Sampler (Esp-Disk) VG++ / VG++ U.S.'1966 SOLD

(odd sampler on 60's sub-cult label; small excerpts from various releases put together ...a real adventure to dive into! starts out w/Pearls Before Swine, cruises into pits of far-out jazz 'n free-form brew-ups (Albert Ayler, Henry Grimes Trio, Burton Greene quartet...) captures some Beatniks while on hot-blooded ramble-spree(G. Corso, L. Ferlinghetti, Voznesensky...) and The Fugs close the mad-house; b&w sleeve; w/ insert-sheet!)

The ESP Sampler (Esp-Disk) EX / EX U.S.'1966 SOLD

(odd sampler on 60's sub-cult label; small excerpts from various releases put together... a real adventure to dive into! starts out w/Pearls Before Swine, cruises into pits of far-out jazz 'n free-form brew-ups (Albert Ayler, Henry Grimes Trio, Burton Greene quartet...) captures some Beatniks while on hot-blooded ramble-spree(G. Corso. L. Ferlinghetti, Voznesensky...) and The Fugs close the mad-house; great color sleeve; w/ insert-sheet!)

Patty Waters College Tour (Esp-Disk) VG++ / EX U.S.'1966 SOLD

(mid-60's release of fairly adventurous Free-Form-Vocal Avant-slice w/femme lead-voice; Burton Greene, Ran Blake & Dave Burrell on piano... plus flute, bass, percussion...; recorded LIVE; her second album;)

Reto Weber Love Percussion Song (Gold) M- / M- CH'1978 SOLD

(orig. late 70's swiss release of all-intrumental percussion composition by native drummer... playin a myriad of beatable tokens;)

Ruth White Flowers Of Evil (Limelight) EX / EX U.S.'196 275.00

(late 60's orig. U.S. white-label-promo print of OUT-THERE electronic settings of the poems of Charles Baudelaire composed and realized by Ruth White; ...these recordings are of an EERIE nature, haunting to the limits of the coronas of frozen eyes that, IF digested at unawares, may rend no guarantee for what it's actual up to despise... Ruth's voice is "dehumanized" and the wordz come crumblin' down like some metalized, backward-blizzard in slow-motion onto the starry-eyed roofs of the evacuated city of Lysergia! I'd recommend a cup of green-tea while listening to this!!...Vinyl is clean with a few inaudible marks; cover is EX with corners slightly affected; labels are clean;)

Short Circuits (Angel) EX / EX U.S.'196 SOLD

(orig. U.S. pressing of follow-up (?) to her DEVASTATING electronic interpretations of poems by Charles Baudelaire entitled "flowers of evil" (released on Limelight Records) ...here on 'tis it's electronic interpretations of classical pieces by Rimsky-Korsakov, Satie, Bach, Grieg ("the butterfly") Verdi ("anvil chorus") Scarlatti, Chopin ("etude in G flat") Bizet ("the ball") Albéniz("asturias" (!!!))...; ..."the entire album was created using the instruments in my studio: several electronic & electric keyboards, a Moog synthesizer, multi-channel tape recorders, speed changers, reverberation units...etc. I did a lot of processing of sounds, so performance of an entire piece was seldom a straight, real time layering of track upon track. the best thing I can say of any work is that I am sorry when it's finished. in the case of "short circuits" I can truly say that I had as much fun with this music... even more... the second time around" (from the liner-notes by Whuth Rite) ...now the tYrn is with you my dear listener... cut yourself short to make 'em circuits longer... for this is a 20th century statement of INSTANT-VENTURY!!! ...a unique compost of NOW-sound-signpost (teeth of thyme cannot devour) ...well, harken to this at full volume... let yourself consume... by this celestial runes of rhûme!!)

Stomu Yamash'ta Red Buddha (Egg) EX / VG++ F'1972 SOLD

(orig. french-print of wild-eyed percussion-only excursions by this virtuoso from Nippon; 2 side-long tracks!)

Red Buddha (Vanguard) EX / EX U.S.'1973 SOLD

(orig. U.S. print of wild-eyed percussion-only excursions by this virtuoso from Nippon; 2 side-long tracks! orig. recorded in 1971; FOC w/notes by japanese composer Hikaru Hayashi;)

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