80s C

Artist Title (Label) Cover / Record / Co. Released Price CHF
C.K. And The Beat Merchants Yamosé (Blue Heron) M / M U.S.'1986 SOLD
(80's U.S. print of Afro-rootin' World-Beat grooves w/a Pop-edge; male/femme vocs;)
Callahan & Naz Same (No Label) M- / M- U.S.'1981 Sold
(post-NAZJAZZ release cuttin' it more in a West-Coasty rockin' direction w/ a Pop edge; catchy femme lead-vocs; full-band sound; privat-press card-board jacket;)
The Cannanes A Love Affair With Nature (No Label) M- / EX U.S.'1988 75.00
(late 80's U.S. privat-press of windy, shaky Basement-Pop ringer w/femme/male lead-vocs, lead-violin on the great "Vivienne" -track; ...a sparse spree o' ideas 'n rhymes in reverber-waves of freshly hit chimes...; white-vinyl press;...white vinyl played maybe twice (archive copy) ...has a lightly audible mark at beginning of B3 ...not visible though...light 'clicks' for a few spins only; disc is flat (had a few with a warp in the past) Cover with slightly bent bottom-right corner; else close to perfect; clean labels;)
Joey Carmon & Crossbow Same (Crossbow) EX / EX U.S.'198 SOLD
(early 80's release of texan Country-Folk-Rock album partly recorded at Emmit Brooks' studios in Las Cruces, New Mexico (...Tomales Bay, Moonpie Daince Band... (!) ...incl. great version of Jim Croce's "time in a bottle";)
Cashmere Jungle Lords Oodjie-Boodjie-Night-Night (Lil' Abner) EX / EX U.S.'1987 75.00
(late 80's local Virginia action-packed Rock-out w/'xotik bozo-slinger vibes, shaky rhythms w/hard lead-axe 'n wasted vocs plus Cow-punky grits 'n eaze-tyrn trancer spliffz on "swamp music"-track; killer version of Beethoven's "ode to joy"; odd card-board jacket;...Vinyl looks barely played; Cover (un-cut cardboard) is EX with 7cm split in bottom-seam(middle) bump in bottom-left corner; minimal storage-wear on front, light wear (rubbing) on back; labels with small tears due to fabrication it appears;)
Casual T's Longer Than Seemed Real (T-Tone) M- / EX U.S.'1987 SOLD
(local Florida late 80's Rickenbacker fronted electric-Folk-Rock streamer w/ a strong BYRDS-touch in the vocs as well; very well produced album;)
John Caswell Vineyards In Japan (Romantic) EX / EX F'1982 SOLD
(U.K. guitarist/Songwriter gone w/melodic Fusion-Lounge, airy, jazzy vibes 'n spacey, lofty fuzz-guitar wafting on the deamy-lassoin' "sailing ships"; full-band venture; comes w/extra 3-track bonus E.P.)
Catharsis Same (Industry) M- / EX U.S.'1981 SOLD
(late 80's U.S. Neo-Doom-Prog-Rock trio w/guitars, bass 'n drums plus expressive lead-vocs; hard-edged brewings w/liquid lead-axe fliytes, poundin' rhythm-strive; ...from Kalamazoo, Michigan;)
Eugene Chadborne Corpses Of Foreign War (Fundamental) M- / EX U.S.'1986 SOLD
(mid-80's release by eccentric U.S. Songpenner/ guitarist w/help from The Violent Femmes; trashy, moon-touched modern protest-songs from a wasted U.S. Hillbilly-Junk-yard; incl. a Phil Ochs Medley and a cover of "fables of faubus" (Charles Mingus;)
The Chant Two Car Mirage (Safety Net) EX / EX / Cc. U.S.'1989 SOLD
(late 80's U.S. electric-Folk-Rock spiker w/great crashin' melodic dual-lead guitar sound, mercurial Rickenbacker leads, hovering organ 'n rollin' bass... "wild blue yonder" is boss-hooker openin'-track... these guys got a sound!! ...a true stand-out in a myriad of similar approach! ...from Atlanta, Georgia and a khool sleeve to boot...;)
Chazz Wasted Time (Parapsychosis) M- / M- U.S.'1987 Sold
(late 80's basement-Folk-Psych w/white-walled fuzz showers, twilyte-sneaker-melo-lanes kindling a psychedelic twyrl; ...sorta 80's Classic for there's some archetypal structure buried within for things yet to come down the line of the 90's;)
Cheepskates It Wings Above (Music Maniac) EX / EX D'1988 SOLD
(orig. german print of late 80's U.S. Neo-Guit-Ringer electric Folk-Rock w/a Pop-splash;)
Marlon Cherry Life After Theatre (Regina) M- / M- U.S.'1986 125.00
(punky Folk-Pop grooves w/psychdelic Lounge vibes by black  artist from North Carolina hittin' New York City in the late 80's; Marlon plays all the instruments and sings! ...5-track mini-album in great card-board-jacket; ...comes w/non-Lp 45 w/pic-sleeve on 3rd clock records ...and a ruff-hewn messy 6-track Punk-E.P.from '86 on "death train music" by Antiseen, a quartet that feat. Marlon Cherry; w/ pic- sleeve!..package price here!)
Life After Theatre (Regina) M- / M- U.S.'1986 75.00
(punky Folk-Pop grooves w/psychdelic Lounge vibes by black artist from North Carolina hittin' New York City in the late 80's; Marlon plays all the instruments and sings! ...5-track mini-album in great card-board-jacket;)
The Chesterfield Kings Here Are The Chesterfield Kings (Mirror) EX / EX U.S.'1982 Sold
(80's New York combo hooked on that 60's Garage-Guitar-Jangle-dom 'n flashin' back into the heart of the matter via melodic clamour 'n free-wee-heelin' juvenile clatter... many did it... the Chesterfield Kings rend the impressions of Being it! great covers of "expo 2000" (Chocolate Watchband) "No way out" (") "99th floor" (Moving Sidewalks) ... a 100% plus 80's Classic!!)
She Told Me Lies/I've Gotta Way With Girls (Mirror) M- / M- U.S.'1985 SOLD
(mid-80's single (w/band-photo on front & back of sleeve) by 80's New York combo hooked on that 60's Garage-Guitar-Jangle-dom 'n flashin' back into the heart of the matter via melodic clamour 'n free-wee-heelin' juvenile clatter... many did it... the Chesterfield Kings rend the impressions of Being it!)
Stop! (Mirror) VG++ / VG++ U.S.'1985 SOLD
(80's New York combo hooked on that 60's Garage-Guitar-Jangle-dom 'n flashin' back into the heart of the matter via melodic clamour 'n free-wee-heelin' juvenile clatter... many did it... the Chesterfield Kings rend the impressions of Being It! comes w/single (great band-photo on front & back of sleeve) containing "she told me lies"/ I've gotta way with girls;)
The Children Same (Scale Of Miles) M- / M- / Cc. U.S.'1989 SOLD
(late 80's U.S. airy Folk-Rock w/femme lead-vocs, breezy, melodic air; produced by Bob Rupe of The Silos;)
City Kids Live/The Name Of The Game (City Kids) EX / M- F'1983 65.00
(french print as a limited and numbered edition of 1000 copies; ruff 'n loud australian Punk-induced Rocker gang captured live in concert; crashing guitars, piano rumble-alleys, smokin' rhythms... all well aimed at the heart of Rock 'n Roll; expressive lead-singer, longish trax;.Vinyl looks barely played; Cover with small spots of tear in top-right corner (removed stickers) bumps in 3 corners; light traces of storage-wear (rubbing) on back; light fray in spine; clean labels; this is No. 0809 as printed on back (in bottom-right corner))
Clay Allison Fell From The Sun/All Souls (Serpent) EX / EX U.S.'1984 55.00
(RARE 80's release of single by David Roback (ex-RAIN PARADE) and Kendra Smith (of DREAM SYNDICATE-fame!) ...solemn Psych-Pop w/propellin' fuzz-tone-guitar on title-track; w/pic-sleeve;)
Cleaners From Venus Under Wartime Condition (Modell) EX / EX D'1985 SOLD
("written and produced by Martin Newell between January and May of 1984; Lawrence Elliott co-wrote "a blue wave". ..."gear used included a twenty quid Hofner solid electric guitar, a home-made bass, a stylophone (as pioneered by Rolk Harris) a glockenspiel, various drums, an S. R. 88 drum machine, sleighbells, and a saucepen. the echo was a good old W.E.M. copicat driven by three hamsters on a treadmill powered on water/amphetamine mixture of 2-1. the whole thing was recorded in a bedroom on a Teac 144 (take your hat off when you say that name) ...it kind of proves that the technocracy are talking bullshit when they tell you that you need to buy all that expensive tackle. to the disaffected youth, to the microship underclass, to the unemployed... music-pop music belongs to you. it does not belong to the cynical manipulators of multinational corporations. take it back from them NOW. if you cannot afford to buy this record you have my (CLEANERS FROM VENUS) full permission to tape it (as if you need it) now go out and do it yourself. this is pop. yeah! yeah! yeah!" (from the liners on the back of the album) ...and there's really nothing to add!!)
Cordelia's Dad Same (Okra) M / M- U.S.'1989 SOLD
(orig. U.S. press of fairly adventurous Folk-Punk venture by this trio from Amhorst, Ma. U.S.A.! ...traditional british acres bein' ploughed w/fully cranked distorto-guitars 'n pounding bass/drums; "will the circle be unbroken", "her bright smile haunts me still", "Johnny has gone for a soldier", "banks of theLee"  ... plus a really GREAT version of "Scarborough fair"!picture of the guys on back cover which by the way clearly states: "jacket made in Canada" and "pants made in Mexico" (---)
Brad Colerick & Gene Klosner Aurora (Autumn Vale Productions) EX / EX U.S.'1983 SOLD
(orig. U.S. privat-press out of Nebraska in the 80's; 70's sounding melodic Folk-Rock duo assisted by friends... banjos, guitars, piano, drums... ace vocal-harmonies à la Batford & Rodney; West-Coasty touch, laid-back moods, natural, catchy sound-scape; comes w/lyrics-insert-sheet;)
Lui Collins There's A Light (Green Linnet) M- / M- U.S.'1985 SOLD
(mid-80's U.S. release of femme Folk-barde accompanied by dulcimer, cello, synth, drums, guitars, piano...; bag o' lofty songs w/warm-gentle voice à la Joan MacIsaacs; w/ lyrics-insert-sheet;)
Common Aliments Of Maturity Moe You're Blind (Extremely High Quality) M / M- U.S.'1990 SOLD
(late 80's Boston band's 3rd album; doomy, jammed-up Rock w/distorto guitars, grinding rhythm swells...; 6-track mini-lp w/inset & inner-sleeve;)
The Coolies Doug (DB) M- / M- U.K.'1988 SOLD
(80's southern U.S. dynamo-Pop splashing guitar-crunchin' combo w/brass tryin' wits on some sorta concept album... a Rock Opera on a dude named Doug... the story of a skinhead who becomes a culinary giant! ...COOKIN' up quite some action for the ears... plus a comic book (for insert) you also may feast your eyes on! U.K. orig. print!)
Julian Cope Sunshine Playroom (Mercury) EX / VG++ U.K.'1983 SOLD
(scarce 12" E.P. of this rather eccentric 80's  UK Pop-dude, full blasting chamber armouries w/strings 'n brass, ...a fine example for restless tensyon-struggle in bulbs flashing w/dotz of bent POP which is sorta typical for that period; has the lyrics inner-bag;)
Cordelia's Dad Same (Okra) M- / M- U.S.'1989 SOLD
(orig. U.S. press of fairly adventurous Folk-Punk venture by this trio from Amhorst, Ma. U.S.A.! ...traditional british acres bein' ploughed w/fully cranked distorto-guitars 'n pounding bass/drums;"will the circle be unbroken", "her bright smile haunt
Coroner Same (Noise International) - / EX D'1989 Sold
(orig. german release of 2-track 12"-single; action-bound Hard-Core-Punk dimension! has no sleeve and is pressed on clear vinyl; label sez': promo-maxi;)
Cosmic Psychos Down On The Farm (Mr. Spaceman) M- / EX Aus'1985 SOLD
(orig. mid-80's australian release by native trio; space-jacked rockin' Grunge w/psych-Punk edge! 5-track mini-album;)
The Cost Of Living Day Of Some Lord (Don't Get All Heavy & Uncool) M- / M- / Co. U.S.'1986 SOLD
(mid-80's U.S. doomy guit-driven go-go-raver wave w/electric Folk-Rock dash à la Church on "hang around"; w/insert sheet;)
Elvis Costello And The Attractions Get Happy!! (F.Beat) VG++ / VG++ U.K.'1980 SOLD
(orig. U.K. print & debut for the label! w/inner-sleeve;)
Get Happy!! (Riviera Global) M- / EX D'1980 SOLD
(orig. german print of first release on the U.K. F-Beat label; w/inner-sleeve;)
Live At The Hollywood High (Radarscope) EX / VG++ U.K.'1979 SOLD
(orig. U.K. print of scarce 1979 3-track 7" E.P. recorded live! incl. "accidents will happen Allison" , "Sam 90", "watching the detectives"; comes w/khool band-photo pic-sleeve!)
Courage Of Lassie Sing Or Die (C'est La Mort/Rough Trade) M- / M- U.S.'198 SOLD
(RARE limited white-vinyl press of 80's U.S. pastoral Folk album(distributed by Rough Trade) ripe w/Chamber-typo melancho-haunts, femme/male lead-vocs, violin, viola, bass guitars...; cover of Fogerty's "who'll stop the rain" ...evoking images of fade-glow on some rusty celtic knell in Madam Tussaud's secret Rio Grande mud! ...sung in french & english tongue; the band hails from Louisiana and not much info given as there's a black factory-sleeve only w/ a sticker on front!)
Crack The Sky From The Greenhouse (Grudge) M- / M- U.S.'1989 SOLD
(late 80's U.S. Sympho-Prog-Rock w/bombastic sound-scapes; lyricon soloing 'n brass arrangements; FOC;)
Crawling Chaos The Gas Chair (Factory Benelux) EX / EX B'1981 SOLD
rather unknown early 80's indep-Avant-Wave-Psychedelia by british band and released in the U.K. in most odd jacket  illustrated by DenyseWillem (manee-air-izzmik-trans-ex-mack-abre-bore-dell-'o-view) ...oops!... the music is highly-rated Syke-Wave-Fuzz-Rock w/spoooky effects ...sorta confluence of mid-period WEEN jammin' out w/ FOOD FOR WORMS and releasing 'em bees from the teutonian CAN on the extended "disierta membra" -track!! ...there's flashes of trans-ethno spells and queer Folk-lore aiming at the heart of some beastly core! ...an indispensable 80's CLASSIC... that will get re-released sooner or later... hopefully!)
Sex Machine/Berlin (Factory) EX / EX U.K.'1980 55.00
(rare pre-album single by this band/act from the U.K. in the early 80's; title-track is KILLER Acid-Tec-nohh-ROCK dash-board w/toxic fuzz-leads that makes PLAN 9 sound like peein' a hole in the cheese! B-side is fuzzed-out Avant-Wave structure w/ a fevered beat; pic-sleeve!...vinyl with dusty surface plays EX; Cover is nice with FAINT discoloration in white ground; clean labels;)
Crawlpappy Same (Blackout) - / EX U.S.'1988 SOLD
(U.S. 6-track mini-album of wild Hard-Punk/ Metal-Fusion thing by ex-Prong-member; promo-release in plain white sleeve w/sticker on front; comes w/press-kit-insert-sheets;)
Creatures Of Habit Untitled (Fuel) M- / M- / Co. U.S.'1990 SOLD
(debut 12" 5-track mini-album by Minneapolis R&B shootin' Garage-guitar wrangler
quartet... in Lyres, Fleshtones mold w/ a Stones-edge; has insert-sheets;)
Creef Good Herbs (Dreamer) M- / EX Can'1989 65.00
(late 80's canadian Neo-Psychedelic splash-down w/distorto/fuzz guitars, acoustic/electric bag w/ folksy jangle 'n drivin' rhythm showers building to an impressive peak on "miracles"; great color screened jcket;)
Good Herbs (Dreamer) SS / SS Can'1989 75.00
(late 80's canadian Neo-Psychedelic splash-down w/distorto/fuzz-guitars, acoustic/electric bag w/ folksy jangle 'n drivin' rhythm-showers building to an impressive peak on "miracles"; great color-screened jacket;)
The Creek Same (Beaver) M / M- U.S.'1986 SOLD
(mid-80's U.S. Pop-rockin' gang from North Carolina; w/inner-sleeve;)
Marshall Crenshaw Field Day (Warner Brothers) M- / EX U.S.'1983 SOLD
(early 80's U.S. Pop-guitar-jangle-fever à 'lamericana; produced by Steve Lillywhite; inner-sleeve;)
Crippled Pilgrims Head Down-Hand Out (Fountain Of Youth) M- / M- U.S.'1984 42.00
(excellent mid-80's U.S. 6-track mini album by this U.S. electric-Folk Rock quartet takin' off via fuzz-box- guitar cranked, fanfaring leads w/mercurial lines... graced w/an original cut so there ain't much of "Neo-Retro-flash-back-once-in-a-million-bor
Under Water (Fountain Of Youth) M- / M- U.S.'1985 42.00
(excellent mid-80's full-album by this U.S. electric-Folk-Rock quartet  not as spectacular as  their prev. mini-album... but still a good dose of originally hewn Rock w/ringin' guitars 'n a punch in the execution; w/ insert-sheet 'n pressed on blue viny
Geoff Cripps & Louisa Rugg Icarus (Steam Pie) M- / EX U.K.'1985 SOLD
(mid-80's U.K. Folk relase by guitar-stringin' duo, expressive femme lead-voice, keyboards, e-bass, bowed psaltery...; all orig. songs; nice cover w/painting by P. Bruegel;)
Christopher Cross Another Page (Warner Brothers) M- / M- D'1983 SOLD
(orig. german print w/inner-sleeve;)
The Cult Electric (Beggars Banquet) M- / M- U.K.'1987 SOLD
(orig. U.K. print w/inner-sleeve;)
Curio Concerto Visitivo (Unit) M / M CH'1984 SOLD
(mid-80's release by swiss Free-Form/Fusion-Jazz-Funk combo; reminds of a confluence of Jazz Composers Orchestra & Lounge Lizards in parts! drums, trombone, tuba, bass, guitar; gimmix-jacket w/attached see-thru'-agfachrome-picture!)
Curious George Same (Curious Productions) EX / EX U.S.'1989 SOLD
(late 80's indep-label press outta Chicago; guitar-crashin' Doom-Pop strummer w/hard-edged, liquid leads;)

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